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8/29/2012 – New Instant Automation

Posted by Jamison on 29 08 2012.

The Client Area is your control center for all of your account activity. This section of the site is so important that we wanted to dedicate a full blog post to presenting a few of the navigation and functional elements that are available to you.


The navigation bar extends along the top of the Client Area and provides access to the following subsections of your Client Area. These include:


  • My Details
  • Order
  • Services
  • Invoices
  • Support
  • Open Ticket
  • My Emails


Immediately beneath the navigation bar are three columns. These include Account Information, License Management, and Account Overview. The Account Information shows the name, postal address, and email address that you have on file for your account. If you need to change any of this information, simply click on the My Details on the top navigation bar to enter that section.


The License Management section includes access to the following options:


  • Order cPanel Licenses
  • Order cPanel Addons
  • Become an Affiliate
  • Request an Installation
  • Change a License IP Address
  • Cancel a License


It is important to note that each of these options offer full functionality 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Having been involved in the webhosting industry for many years, we understand that when you need to make changes to your cPanel and / or addon licenses or change an IP address, that you must do it when it is convenient for you. Therefore, any of the options listed in the License Management section are immediately available, and any changes you make will be implemented instantly.


The Account Overview section contains the following options:


  • Number of Products / Services
  • Number of Support Tickets
  • Number of Referred Signups
  • Billing Information – Including updating and adding funds


Beneath these three columns are the Latest News strip, an Open New Ticket module and two summary sections. The first summary section presents you with any open support tickets. The second summary section displays any invoices that are due in your account.


There is also a third summary section that displays any Announcements that makes so as to keep you current on any new product introductions or changes to existing products.


Although we have presented comments on each section of your Client Area, the important addition is in the immediate changes that occur when you use any of the items in the License Management section. This increased functionality provides you with another tool to improve your productivity.


As always, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to communicate with via a support ticket or email.


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