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8/28/2014 – Back Up Your Site Using Dropbox

Posted by Jamison on 28 08 2014.

Any good website developer will always have this in mind—a website back up is a necessity. More than having attractive webpages, polished layouts, and clear copies, a good website is considered good and secured if you have a back up. You never know when your computer will crash, or when a technical glitch can just steal all the hardwork and effort you have put into developing an effective site. Backing up your site will save you from all the hassle of getting all the files, images, and data that you need. Once you already have a back up, you will be secured that in case of any glitch, you can easily rebuild your site.


Backing up your site is not a one time effort. You will need to regularly secure your site everytime you implement a change or improve a section. A weekly back up is recommended using the cPanel back up wizard app as this will help you personally oversee the website back up process.


You should note the following points when you are preparing a website back up:


  • Regular back up is recommended.
  • You should prioritize backing up the more important and more critical data such as your database and the web contents.
  • Save the back up on a different server.
  • You should be able to retrieve your backup anytime, anywhere.
  • You should get notifications for all the status of the back up that you will create.


One of the most recommended ways to save your files is through cloud storage. Backup Box will help you secure transfer of files to an FTP server to your Dropbox account. It also has the ability to integrate your FTP account with cPanel. Through this option, you can directly copy the web directory using FTP and transfer to Dropbox. You can also create a back up using cPanel then fetch this backup to Dropbox using FTP.


You need to ensure you have the following items:


  • An FTP account which is mapped to your web directory
  • A Dropbox account.
  • A Backup Box account.


Another good thing about cPanel is that you can also create a cron job so you can schedule the database back up task. First, you need to create an SQL backup file which includes all the databases under your cPanel account. Login into Backup Box and in your FTP account. After logging in to both accounts, you also have to login into your Dropbox account.


You can choose Transfer public_html as a folder in the Transfer Options. This will transfer the whole public_html folder including all files into your Dropbox account. Simply start the transfer by clicking on Review. Upon clicking this, the process of transferring the public_html folder to Dropbox will already start. Once this is accomplished, you can create Monthly schedule to automate this backup task monthly. Just click Monthly, then select Date and Time, then Finalize and Run.


If you want to revise your cron job to weekly or daily back up, you may do so. Just ensure that you change the setting based on when you want the backup schedule to happen.


cPanel allows you to generate your own backup automatically using cPanel API. You can use PHP script to run on schedule to generate backup. Go to cPanel then FTP and create an FTP account. Avoid creating an FTP directory under public_html because it can accessible publicly via web browser.


Save the file and upload both files into your public_html directory using FTP. You can start to generate a backup by accessing the PHP file directly via browser, which is usually