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8/28/2013 – cPanel Version 11.32 to Face EOL

Posted by Jamison on 28 08 2013.

While most of cPanel are still unable to move on with 11.30 version’s End of Life, cPanel now breaks the news about 11.32 version’s EOL. The company already released EOL schedule including their corresponding versions in the list.


End of Life for cPanel & WHM versions


As a review, End of Life is the time when the company won’t distribute support or update for a specific version. It’s common for companies, not only for cPanel, to end their support for a platform version since they also develop new solutions that their clients will like. These new solutions like in the case of cPanel & WHM versions have new and improved features that users will find beneficial. cPanel needs to tweak their systems as new threats or potential attacks may cause instability, which affects the whole cPanel processes.


Time is almost up


The EOL schedule doesn’t say that cPanel will immediately take down its support for version 11.32. August 20, 2013 will mark this version’s EOL. From there, cPanel won’t release updates for 11.32. The company released this information to keep cPanel users aware of the need to upgrade their system to retain instability.


Preparing users for the change


Today, a lot of people still uses version 11.32 and haven’t used any of the new versions offered online today. They use a number of platforms and add ons together with this system, allowing users to take advantage of its features for their website and server management needs.


According to the company, version 11.32 is the last version to support CentOS 4, MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, and RHEL 4. Hence, future versions may not support these editions and would need to upgrade them together with cPanel upon migration.


Why is there a need to upgrade?


Defending the importance of migration is cPanel’s order of business at all times. They want everyone to know how significant these updates are when it comes to stability and security. Updates come together with the system through automatic updates. These updates will ensure that their systems run smoothly while keeping their whole website or server working without issues.


What’s next after cPanel version 11.32?


Since version 11.32 will have its EOL stage, the next recommended version is the 11.36 version, which is now currently at its Release stage. It’s now stable and recommended for people to use for their cPanel. The good thing about 11.36 version is its EOL is not scheduled until next year. Hence, people will use it faster without the need for immediate upgrade or migration.




Upgrade and migration is not that simple for some cPanel users. cPanel offers assistance for migration to ensure they’ll do the procedures properly and avoid inconsistencies in using the system. This will make them more confident in using the system for their website and server needs.


Version 11.32 may be bidding its farewell several months from now but cPanel offers new features with the help of the company’s new releases through its new releases. Be sure to check these new versions and start migrating if you’re still using the earlier version.