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8/27/2013 – Take Advantage of WHMSonic Release Updates

Posted by Jamison on 27 08 2013.

April is a remarkable month for WHMSonic as it releases several updates during its first days. In fact, it’s the time for you to take advantage of new updates the company releases if you use this plugin with cPanel.


Introducing WHMSonic plugin


It’s important for users to know what this plugin is, especially they encountered this cPanel component for the first time. This plugin is famous among experts for its ability to stream shoutcast and setting up users’ playlist. Nowadays, setting a good-streamed media on websites will surely aid in attracting visitors and subscribers to their pages, which can promote income to companies and independent online entrepreneurs.


Through WHMSonic, you will be able to configure radios or streamed media right on your page with ease.


New updates to watch out for


As mentioned earlier, you’ll discover numerous updates available for this plugin today. Updates vary from new components that offer extra functionality on your WHMSonic and bug fixes.


V2.1.7 automated update


This update was released on April 3, 2013 and includes the new AAC+ FlashPlayer and JWPlayer AAC+ support. This allows you to create your playlist with ease while supporting a number of AAC encoders required for playing media files. Aside from adding this new feature, it also allows you to place your own texts on the streamed media as well as adding the player to WHMSonic’s main page. Client radios are also playable with included download link for added function and benefit.


In addition to new features, bug fixes are also bundled with this update like fixing button functions on the radio or AutoDJ, idv3v2 tag problems, special character issues, and others.


V2.1.8 automated update


Released on April 4, 2013, this update offers several bug fixes focused on some problems encountered in servers. Fixes focus on the following issues.


  • Black page appears instead of downloading the Flasplayer.
  • No files found in the Flashplayer zip file.
  • 404 not found error in creating a reseller account.
  • Radio and AutoDJ start/stop function issues on cPanel WHMSonic.


Bug fixes


WHMSonic developers noticed some bugs that cause the flash player to stop arbitrarily. Moreover, it won’t start playing after 24 to 48 hours. WHMSonic experts now found a fix or patch for this issue and it would be applied soon.


V2.1.9 automated update


V2.1.9 is still an upcoming update from WHMSonic developers but regarded as a promising update in terms of new features expert plan to integrate. New features include the following:


  • A new and complete playlist schedule feature.
  • Automatic server-to-server migration or transfer feature.
  • Selected AutoDJs can be started on server reboots.
  • Instant radio monitoring and selecting radios that you want to monitor.


Updating WHMSonic


Automated updates can be applied accordingly and installed version must be indicated under the Update & Version tab found on WHMSonic root primary page. But if you don’t find these updates installed in the system, you can click the Update Now button so you can install the new updates.


WHMSonic developers wish you to experience their plugin’s special features. Take advantage of these updates, so you will gain benefit from using it on your system.


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