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8/25/2014 – The Advantage of cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 25 08 2014.

The advent of online platform such as blogs and websites has created a new whole new world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and budding bloggers. It has become the new way of expanding the market and of reaching more people. Creating a website or blog is a proven method of tapping a potential market and bringing people together. While it may be easy to start a blog or a website, you also need to consider that  you have to maintain it and ensure that your webpages are working, up to date, and that you will not have a difficult time managing your site.


Most bloggers and hosting businesses recommend the use of cPanel, which is considered to be the market leader in the web hosting industry. cPanel is a certified top choice among linux-based hosting businesses because it allows their customers to navigate through and easily access and manage their websites even without the need for them to be techie savvy. cPanel allows everyone to have a convenient and pleasant website management experience. You can even access your email, check your site traffic, or manage your database. This shows that cPanel has been popular for providing excellent access and control even to inexperienced users.


cPanel is also flexible as it allows the hosting company to add more features that the client needs. If you think you are already capable of creating programs that are designed to build a website, you can choose from their website templates. As you upgrade and become better with your technical skills, you can also enjoy other features that will be helpful for your website.


Basically, cPanel does all what servers can do and it divides among these servers separate accounts and allows every account owner to interact with his own site in a simple and efficient way. The dashboard offers convenient and accessible options which the client can use in managing their site.


Another good thing about cPanel is that it continues to upgrade and improve its features as new versions are being released. Newer versions highlight the need for security options which includes protecting your password and issuing SSL certificates. You can also enjoy creating backups of your site which includes database information, email, and codes so you can secure your site. cPanel continues to improve its services—even installation time is decreased by 30 percent.


cPanel is currently strong in the market and has taken the lead in terms of providing an efficient, secure, and hardworking hosting service. You can never go wrong with cPanel—its security, user-friendliness, and efficiency—have prodded developers to rely on it as a stable partner when it comes to site hosting.