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8/22/2014 – Setting Up Nameserver DNS Using cPanel Webhost Manager

Posted by Jamison on 22 08 2014.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a you have already established your business in your chosen industry, you need to always be on the look out for bigger opportunities and better ways on how to stabilize your business or, if you allow yourself to be more ambitious, you search for more ways on how to expand your current market reach. Through time, one of the identified avenues for growth that has proven its effectivity and help is the creation of a website.


Creating a website is one of the most popular marketing strategies in any industry. Think of a restaurant, a retail shop, or a service provider—they can all benefit from creating a website. This allows more people to discover and avail of your service of product without having to bridge ecommerce right away. Having a website is tantamount to the ROI you can get from paying for advertisements and trying to catch your market’s attention. While it may be easy to start a website as there are various web hosting providers that you can choose from.


cPanel will make your life easier as it can provide you web hosting service that will not leave you with headaches over glitches or over complicated issues. You get the value for your money while you are also ensured that you have the best team behind you as there is a guarantee of full customer service and technical assistance. cPanel, being one of the most popular cloud hosting provider, gives you everything you need. You can view weblogs, manage your file, access your email, set password security, and set up your name server domain name system using the cPanel webhost manager.


cPanel’s WebHost Manager (WHM) lets you use your own domain name as a nameserver for websites your server hosts. To use your domain name, you have to set up a WHM Account for it first.


Here is the step to step process on how to set up nameserver DNS using cPanel/WHM


  1. Log in to WebHost Manager using root for your username and your server’s password at https://yourserverip:2087, whereyourserverip is your server’s IP address.


  1. Click DNS Functions.


  1. Click Edit DNS Zone.


  1. Select the domain name you want to use, and then click Edit.


  1. For the two rows with the menu displaying NS, edit the right-most columns to, respectively.


  1. In the Add New Entries Below this Line section, do the following in the first row:
    • First field: Type ns1.
    • Second field: Type 14400.
    • Third field: Select A.
    • Fourth field: Enter your server’s IP address.


Then, in the second row, do the following:

  • First field: Type ns2.
  • Second field: Type 14400.
  • Third field: Select A.
  • Fourth field: Enter your server’s IP address.


  1. Click Save.


  1. Click Home, and then click Restart Services.


  1. Click DNS Server (BIND/NSD).


  1. Click Yes to restart the service. Allow a few minutes for the service to restart. DNS can take 24-48 hours to propagate once these changes have been made.


You now need to complete the following steps to use your domain name as a nameserver: