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8/19/2013 – ClientExec 4.6.6 Released

Posted by Jamison on 19 08 2013.

As we near closer to the release of 5.0 we want to make sure we continue addressing any issues that are brought up by the community.  This maintenance release addresses small nagging issues as well as some serious security exploits that have been brought to our attention.

So what was updated?

Support Module

  • Fixed bug with e-mail templates and e-mailing a customer.
  • Fixed bug where we weren’t setting the proper assignee to a ticket when creating certain system tickets.
  • Updated priority to high for all billing system tickets that are automatically created.


  • Updated Paypal plugin to use the “Signup Completion URL” setting.
  • Fixed minor bug in user name validation in Plesk Plugin.
  • Fixed bug that could break the EPP code when it contains special characters.
  • Fixed bug in DirectAdmin update function.


  • Fixed a security vulnerability with user packages.
  • Ensure error messages are not sent to users.
  • Added code to disable New Relic’s auto-RUM on ajax calls.

Billing Module

  • Updated Linkpoint plugin to show better error messages when a credit card is declined.


Security Upgrades

We take your security and that of your customers very seriously.  This upgrade includes patches to vulnerabilities that have been discovered in ClientExec releases you could be using.  If you believe you need assistance with upgrades please just email us at and one of our team members will make sure you get upgraded properly.  Staying up to date with the latest versions will ensure you maintain a secure environment.


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