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8/16/2013 – Softaculous Releases 4.2.1

Posted by Jamison on 16 08 2013.

Softaculous has been one of the famous add ons people use together with cPanel. Although it’s just an add on, its experts still need to provide update to ensure stability at all times.


Softaculous commits to offering consistent updates. The company knew that their users would encounter various problems with their systems so it’s essential to offer release update to satisfy their needs.


Softaculous 4.2.1


Softaculous developers continue to tweak their systems and now released 4.2.1 packed with new features and other bug fixes that users will find necessary for cPanel management. If you’re using this add on, the company offers these changes and use it for your web management needs.


New feature


New feature includes automatic upgrades whenever new script versions are available. Manual updating can be inconvenient for users since they still need to do several procedures just to apply the changes. Automatic updates will make sure that new versions will be activated on the installed scripts and use it for update purposes.


Users, however, need to know that this automatic update is available for selected scripts as of this time.


Another addition is the ‘check to not allow’ special characters in the directory name during script installation.




Enhancements are necessary to guarantee each essential component will work as expected for each user. Enhancements applied include the following.


  • CageFS Hook that will make sure that correct PHP version and changes will be applied appropriately once this component is detected in the server and set for each user.


  • Pre-downloading scripts enables admins to choose scripts that must be pre-downloaded on each user and install them with ease. The benefit of having this enhancement is saving server’s bandwidth as well as space.


  • Enhanced API that ensures the system will check script version properly while allowing to detect the script’s minimum requirements.


  • Enhanced Softaculous SDK, which is included in the package.


Bug fixes


Bug fixes are common problems across different platforms and operating system versions. Bug fixes included in Softaculous 4.2.1 include the following.


  • Inconsistencies in installing Softaculous in PLESK on Remote MySQL servers.


  • Command string for Cron is not displayed on edit installation page.


  • The term undefined was displayed right on the Task List page when installing custom scripts.


  • Problems that occur in using InterWorx control panel. Examples of these issues are instances when emails notifications during updates are not sent each time script updates are present. Another problem is when Softaculous search doesn’t work on the same control panel.


  • Invalid XML output each time users list every installation from API utilizing XML format


With these enhancements, users will find it more beneficial to use this add on and make them useful for their specific server needs.


Softaculous 4.2.1 is the dream come true for users who experience problems in using this plugin. For the developer, this is their dream come true in providing added benefits for users. If you’re using this plugin, be sure to include this update to assure its proper function at all times.


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