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8/14/2014 – cPanel and Its ROI for Marketers

Posted by Jamison on 14 08 2014.

Creating a website is one of the most popular and most effective marketing strategies that have been used by both budding and thriving entrepreneurs. Every popular brand has its own website as this site serves as the mirror of the brand—what it can do, the services it provides, and the products if offers. It basically serves as the door to the many opportunities waiting for you out there. A good website is effective in reaching a wider audience and in communicating the business messaging and positioning.


There are various web hosting providers that are available in the market. While it may be quite challenging to select which one will suit your needs right, you should always consider which one will give you the best value for your money. It is important that you are aware of the features that each hosting provider offers so you can determine which ones does your blog or site needs. Not every feature will be useful to you as of the moment, but you be open to possible upgrades and changes in your website, thus, you can still use these features in the future.


Being the market leader, cPanel takes a lead on efficiency, security, and accessibility. Most of the Linux-based hosting businesses use cPanel so their clients can easily manage their websites. As a client, you can access your website, database, emails, check website statistics, or manage your database.


cPanel is also flexible as it allows the hosting company to add more features. If you need a link to programs that will help you create a website, you can get access to website templates. It also offers other features that you can make use of once you upgrade your technical skills. This allows you to improve your website and make it more appealing to your potential market, thus, making your site more marketable and more incremental to your business.


Another feature of cPanel is its email management system that will help you create email accounts and monitor them. Through this application, you can easily categorize your email and create various inboxes. This makes you more capable of responding to your customers’ queries and requests. cPanel allows you to take advantage of the organized inbox and domain specific demarcation. By just changing the URL, you can already manage your multiple domains.


cPanel also features site traffic monitoring which will enable you to know what kind and what segmentation of audience that your website is being able to reach. It can also determine quantity of people who visit your site. By keeping track of this important information, you can create marketing campaigns, products, and services that are catered to a market that best needs your service. The application a track of the number keeps track of people visiting the website and also gives the right demographics. Region specific and time specific tracking helps in analyzing how well a website is doing in particular parts of the world and also provides an opportunity for you to improve on these certain points.