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8/14/2013 – RVSkin Features that Color Your Control Panel

Posted by Jamison on 14 08 2013.

cPanel supports numerous plugins that you can use in managing your web server and website. Developers working on each plugin makes sure to produce updates that give enhanced functionality on your chosen components installed in cPanel. One of the most updated plugin that you can find is RVSkin, which will be useful for server management across different server accounts.


Get to know RVSkin


RVSkin is a revolutionary skin employed in web server control panel. It’s designed to give you excellent features that you need in managing server accounts in an organized way. You will notice the number of cPanel owners who invested in RVSkin and use it on their management needs.


Features that color your control panel


RVSkin is known for its remarkable features that you would love to have on your control panel. While it’s known for adding color on your dashboard, you can also take advantage of other features and benefits for your system like the following.


Color branding on your control panel


As a host provider or website owner, your goal is to set a brand in the industry. Setting your brand is essential so clients can remember you easily and even promote them to other potential clients. Set a color for your brand and use it for your business. RVSkin developers made control panel customization easier with its construction as well as documentations available on its page.


Multilanguage support


Your clients may come from different parts of your own country, or if you’ve set your brand, then you may also have clients overseas. Multilanguage support allows you to deliver your control panel to your clients as it is available in 24 languages your clients can use. Just like setting your chosen color, you can also set the language your clients chance choose for their own languages to use on the platform.


Admin layer and account layer


Administrators and regular account users have different privileges in managing cPanel. RVSkin supports both layers and only allow disabled features to present on the main admin’s dashboard. Disabling and enabling features on the account layer is also easy through the documentation offered by the developer.


Account feature manager


Different accounts have their own requirements when it comes to features. RVSkin also allows you to add specific features on several accounts based on what they require or what you want to set. Set each account with ease with this plugin’s easy to customize feature.


Webmail management


Set different email accounts with different features based on what each account requires. Features can be disabled or enabled with a simple click with the help of RVSkin. After configuration, the webmail page will be set with a user interface that you want to set for each account and with ease since this plugin is made by experts.


RVSkin is more than just dressing up your control panel. It also has other features that you will find useful and contribute to your admin management on specific accounts. Establish your brand while experiencing the benefits this plugin offers on your system.


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