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8/12/2013 – Resource Monitor: Monitoring Server Performance

Posted by Jamison on 12 08 2013.

Most computer users today are already familiar with the concept of performance and resource monitoring with new tools set in new operating systems. Since servers also utilize similar components installed in regular, home computers, many server owners think if it is possible to monitor their resources and overall performance. This question is answered with a big ‘YES’ with the birth of Resource Monitor.


The need to monitor server performance


Server performance is imperative for running a hosting business or a website. A downtime or inconsistency may affect other users or make a website inaccessible for businesses. This will place the whole business operation to a halt and result to unsatisfied clients aside from lost income. By knowing what is happening in the server during its operation, the website owner or host provider will know the next course of action to do in preventing future problems.


However, you cannot monitor your server at all times. Moreover, you will not know its operation unless you have a good program that monitors servers accurately. Good thing Resource Monitor is now here to do this job.


What is Resource Monitor?


Resource Monitor is a type of cPanel addon utilized for monitoring your servers’ performance. It has beneficial features and built with a quality framework that promotes accurate resource monitoring at all times.


Resource Monitor easily installs with your cPanel system, so you can start using it immediately and receive added benefits for your server management needs. Include this with your other server management tools and you’ll have a solid arsenal that will keep your servers’ stability at its A+ condition.


To know more about this addon, here are some of its offered features that you’ll love to incorporate in your cPanel system.


Tracked resources


Just like in regular computers, Resource Monitor will track various resources including CPU usage, memory usage, MySQL usage, and disk usage. Servers use up memory and CPU with every access or operation. This identifies if the server slows down or not. More resources used can affect server performance and may result to various inconsistencies or instability. By tracking these features, this add on can generate reports consisting performance details in your servers.


Generating reports through acquired data


The sum of resources used fluctuates from time to time, making it difficult to track down each resource for report generation. Resource Monitor is designed to monitor these resources and find out the average resource used by each client. It will then come up with a report showing the user that consumers more resources, which is an important information for server management.


Email notification


Resource Monitor has built-in notification system that sends you an email consisting the generation report mentioned above. You will be alerted with information about the user that consumers the most resources then use the detail for decision making in terms of retaining servers’ stability


Customizable features


One of the good things about this addon is you can customize its threshold limit set in every tracked resource. Setting the threshold will let you receive notification about the users that utilized more resources than your standard threshold limit, making the notification process more organized.


Keeping your users updated


Your users are also entitled to know about their own resource usage. Resource Monitor helps you show users the amount of resources they used and make this information helpful for their own server management


Resource Monitor’s system requirement includes cPanel/WHM version 11.34 and up, PHP 5.3 and up, and Ioncube & CURL for cPanel’s internal PHP, which can be installed through EasyApache and WHM. Start monitoring your resources and keep its stability at all times.


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