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8/09/2013 – New Features Offered by Installatron

Posted by Jamison on 09 08 2013.

cPanel works with several plugins that every user would need based on what they require or depending on their websites or servers. Installatron is just one of the many highly recommended plugins that people must use to manage the entire installed apps in the system. It’s convenient to use while offering clean interface for every user.


Installatron Plugin 8 is the latest plugin release its developers offer. According to its experts, IP8 is a giant leap after they released IP7 two years ago. This new release now offers new features that cPanel users will absolutely love to have in their systems.


IP8 features


Fresh features offer include the following:


  • Clone applications. Clone feature offers added convenience in using applications to use in the system. Installed applications can be cloned for production for development needs. Hence, it’s unnecessary to actually install the application the second time around as it can be cloned easily for testing purposes. This is recommended for people who needs to create test mods for their programs.


  • Automatic update. Automatic update is essential on top of being convenient for users. Just imagine how simple it is to get every application updated without the need to log in each time. Installatron Plugin 8 will detect the update and then install them within the system. This procedure, however, doesn’t end in just installing the updates. The system must also enable the installed update to give way for cPanel users to use this plugin with ease. As an added benefit, this add on will create a backup to ensure every change can be restored when needed.


  • Editing installed applications. Administrative tasks are among the most challenging procedures to accomplish in cPanel particularly if it concerns applications. With Installatron Plugin 8, users don’t have to worry about editing administration details like username, passwords and other installed components. Synchronization makes this procedure easier and promotes boosted advantages for each user.


  • Installed program migration. Migration also adds convenience for cPanel users since it’s allows users to migrate or import an installed program through FTP. This copies the applications and places it in another local web host account. All information that comes with the program like databases and settings will also be updated once the apps are placed in the new valid location.


  • Offered live demo and servers. As a consumer, you won’t immediately get a solution without knowing its benefits for you. Installatron Plugin 8 offers Live Demo and Live Demo Server so you can try this solution yourself. See how you can decrease your administration procedures and see how this plugin will work effectively for you. You can easily access this demo by visiting Installatron’s website.


Installatron Plugin 8 is one of the latest solutions you can choose today. Be sure to find out how this plugin offers its advantages for you, which will also ensure benefit for your business. Get Installatron Plugin 8 and you’ll surely manage your installed applications. You’ll find this as your added assistant in managing your servers and other accounts.


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