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8/08/2013 – Navigate Your cPanel with Ease!

Posted by Jamison on 08 08 2013.

cPanel is undoubtedly the most popular control panel used for managing servers and websites today. But even with its popularity, novice are still unable to use this platform with ease immediately, thus, requiring the need for documentation as guides in navigating cPanel.


Helping clients with documentations


cPanel experts know how first time users can find using this platform overwhelming. They’re worried about which parts to configure since it may cause problems in cPanel if they accessed the wrong component found included in the platform.


Navigate cPanel with ease by knowing the following components or parts together with their introduction.


The cPanel home screen or dashboard


This home screen welcomes you after logging on the dashboard. It holds all the links that will lead you to various cPanel functions and use it for your server or page management needs. By visiting cPanel, you will find out more about what to expect in logging this platform and specific links’ functionalities.


Mail section


Mail is a section found on the primary cPanel interface. Email is one of the important components in setting a website and an online business as it serves as a way to communicate with clients. Setting up a self-hosted email is crucial to set your brand in handling a business. This page lets you add your email addresses, management, spam blocking, filters and other features necessary in managing each account.


Preferences section


cPanel has the Preference section where you can configure general settings on this platform. As a user or admin, you have your own setting preferences that you want to adjust or configure on your page. This platform also has the Setup Wizard, which helps you complete other cPanel procedure that you need to do on this page. You can feel that you own your cPanel because of your preferred setting on the page.


Logs section


Logs section has the information that you need in fully managing and monitoring your cPanel platform. It saves a record of bandwidth usage information, error logs, and other details needed for analysis and monitoring. This section also allows you to access statistical analysis software that you need and completely monitor your system with ease.


Domains and databases


These sections will show you information about all the domains that you have in cPanel and databases that you use for website management. Domains give you access to add on domains and other redirects that you can find on your servers. Databases have your MySQL database, add a new database, and manage them with ease.


Security section


This section contains information about security details installed with cPanel. You will have records of features like hot link and leech protection, shell access, and others that are needed for keeping your control panel secured.


cPanel experts know that you might be overwhelmed in managing the platform during the early part of using this platform. Know these components well and you will not have any problem navigating the system and where you need to change its features based on your preferences as the user.