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8/07/2014 – cPanel: a Marketing Tool

Posted by Jamison on 07 08 2014.

The landscape of business has dramatically changed through the years. The market has evolved, and the consumers have grown more discerning. These changes have caused the incessant search for better products, for deeper consumer insights, and for more effective strategies that are all geared towards the achievement of the business goals. One of the identified strategies is to leverage on technology as a way to reach more people, to introduce a concept, to launch a product, or to cascade information. Technology has opened a whole new world of endless opportunities and the only way to seize every business potential is to create a sound plan and execute it seamlessly.


Websites and blog are just two of the most popular platforms used by businesses in terms of leveraging on the market’s interest on new knowledge of products or services, and of their ability to navigate through the internet. Think of your favourite brand—everyone of them has a website and you get too excited checking out what is new in their site as though you are waiting for the shop to open during a sale campaign.


Businesses maintain a website as this serves as the bridge between the end consumer and the company. This is how important websites are—they represent your company and they speak of your products and of your services. You surely want to have the best representation of your company so you have to keep it working at its optimum performance.


How can cPanel help your business?


One of the most helpful tool in creation of website is the shared hosting. This infrastructure is considered to be the most affordable entry-level platform for small businesses which allows designers, site owners, and developers to launch new websites or apps using user-friendly graphical interface. cPanel is used by hosting providers so they can decrease costs and they can also offer customers a highly accessible and user-friendly online dashboard which they can use to launch other services and software that the business needs.


cPanel is an efficient marketing tool as it has created a dashboard that is catered to both system administrators and by admins who are more experienced. cPanel makes everything easy as clients can manage their shared hosting platforms. It also allows site owners to launch new search engine optimization features from within the shared hosting platform, which includes submission to major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Site owners can also control all the areas of domain management which affects what website visitors can see whenever they type a domain into an internet address bar on their browser.


cPanel also addresses issues on security as it allows administrators tools so they can protect their directories with password and they can generate SSL certificates. Because it is important as a site owner that you protect your data, cPanel also allows you to add firepower to protect your data. This popular control panel is good for your business as it is designed to make your life easier.