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8/07/2013 – Installatron Serves Plugin 8.0.11 and Server 3.0.12!

Posted by Jamison on 07 08 2013.

Installatron is regarded as a very useful plugin for people who want to maintain their servers and other accounts. You’ll absolutely benefit and cut your app management time drastically with this plugin functioning with cPanel.


This brand has expert developers that ensure users will have all the necessary updates that will work for users’ benefits like stability and added convenience. The company then offers new releases that can provide stability in the process. These updates are Installatron Plugin 8.0.11 and Installation Server 3.0.12.


What is Installatron anyway?


Installatron is a plugin that function in managing installed apps. Installatron Plugin 8, which is the latest version release for this plugin, ensures functionality that people look for. Installatron Server 3 is the latest release with highly scalable features recommended for medium businesses. Both of these solutions offer features that meet server owners’ needs.


Updates offered by Installatron


Installatron is a reliable company and it ensures that users will benefit from their solutions. They provide updates, which are necessary for business owners, and ensure their product’s stability once used.


IP8 update


Installatron introduces IP 8.0.11 that has boosted features that will work effectively for users. On this update, Installatron provides a new feature to focus on PHP memory leak problem that causes older PHP versions to not show update notifications properly.


Another part of the update is to fixes that affect various processes occurring with this plugin. One issue is enhanced escaped character handling on application configuration files. It also fixes the problem that keeps the System Footprint licensing option from displaying on page.


On List Builder, owned and sub accounts that have Build Location directories are now valid.


On Plesk, internal PHP configuration of Installatron was tweaked for improved compatibility.


Installatron Server 3.0.12


Similar updates with IP 8 update are included in IS 3 update. The only one not included in this update is the one related to System Footprint. All of these updates contribute to improved user experience in utilizing this solution with cPanel.


Getting these updates for Installatron


Since companies this brand’s developers continue to offer new updates, it’s essential to get them with your plugin to experience their offered advantages.


Experts know that Installatron users also experience problem in using their solutions. Several other users report it through forums or send inquiry through email. Naturally, users don’t want to mess up the system by trying to fix the problem on their own. Installatron developers then come up with various fixes and deliver them in form of updates released regularly. They never fail to offer these updates that guarantee benefits for users. The company also offers tips through its website to help people who plan to use this plugin and teach them how to apply automatic updates to start using it for their own system management.


As you use Installatron, be sure to check these updates and use them for your needs. You can get this through automatic updates or by visiting the developer’s website. Learn more about how to update this plugin by reading additional documentation.


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