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8/07/2012 – BuycPanel’s Price Match Guarantee

Posted by Jamison on 07 08 2012.

Most of us have seen many companies promote their price match guarantees. These companies range from general retail companies to technology related companies and nearly every industry in between. Although each company has its own reasons for offering a price match guarantee, there are usually some restrictions included. While our space is too limited to present a full explanation of some of these restrictions, we will focus on one in particular – an advertised price.


An advertised price is simply what it says. It is a price that a customer or a prospective customer has found in a company’s advertisement whether that ad is print or online. For those companies that offer a price match guarantee, it is the only fair way to track what is a competitor’s price and what is not. It is not that the company’s representatives do not believe you. It is so they can reflect to learn if there is something they may have missed in their own pricing. All too often, however, the lower advertised pricing is a means to attract the customer and charge higher pricing on some other product or service. As you can see by browsing this website, BuycPanel’s pricing is very affordable.


Being the world’s largest distributor of cPanel software has many advantages. We believe that BuycPanel’s pricing is the lowest in the web hosting industry. However, there are times when a competitor may offer any number of their products for sale at promotional price. In order to prove that we have the best service and the best prices, if you present us with a competitor’s ad that reflects a lower price, BuycPanel will happily match that price. There are no other strings attached, period.


The price match guarantee is yet another advantage. If you have, any questions regarding a price match guarantee or about cPanel or any of the addons, we ask you to contact our customer support professionals. They will gladly respond to your questions and help you select the cPanel or addon license to fit your needs.


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