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8/06/2013 – Factors that Contribute to cPanel/WHM Automation and their Benefits

Posted by Jamison on 06 08 2013.

Automation is now one of the important factors that people need for their daily procedures, particularly when it comes to computer operations. This is also the same for everyone who manages servers and websites for businesses.


Automation allows computer processes to work on their own and make site management easier for you. cPanel makes sure that every user will experience the benefit offered by automation by including the following factors that benefit each cPanel user.




Protocols called APIs are used to support protocols and present them as interface for easy management on your end. APIs are composed of scripts that you will find useful in promoting various automated functions that you need. Some APIs used for these procedures check needed components and provide fixes if necessary. One of the popular scripts is the one that check RPMs, which are essential components of cPanel. However, they can be altered in the process of managing your cPanel and result to several inconsistencies in your system. However, API scripts will check and validate these components so you will not have any problems in your system concerning this component.


There are still a lot of API scripts that you can try out and use in your cPanel system. You will learn more about these API scripts by visiting the website together with its documentations that you can read online.


Aside from the primary cPanel & WHM APIs, other plugins that integrate with this platform also have their own APIs that work effectively in the system.




Hook is another factor that promotes automation in cPanel & WHM. Hooking is the procedure where the system will trigger components like applications or scripts when you accessed a certain command in the system. This will also help you in performing various functions that you need in managing your own server and other accounts.


Just like APIs, hooks are also included with several programs and the main system that also contribute in automating the whole system. You will also know more about these hooks by visiting cPanel’s website since the company offers documentation regarding these components.


The good thing about this procedure is there are a number of hookable events that you can use in your system, adding to automation features that you would love to have.


Offered benefits


Automation is crucial for you as a server and business owner. As much as possible, you wish to save time on several procedures and concentrate your effort to necessary part of business management. cPanel experts understand this need and continuously improve the system to make automation more powerful than the usual. All you need to do is to check out its updates so you will enjoy more automation features that promote benefits for your business.


Automation is something that you can d with the help of professionals working behind cPanel. Experience automation at its finest and gain utmost benefit for your business. Be confident in your overall server and business management with the help of these automation techniques and components for your business.