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8/05/2013 – WHM Features Just for You!

Posted by Jamison on 05 08 2013.

cPanel & WHM works together in helping you manage your servers and website. However, many people today who plan to use this platform are only familiar with cPanel but not WHM.


WHM stands for WebHost Manager, which is the web-based tool utilized for managing hosting accounts in a server. The main fact that you will be able to manage different accounts in your server can leave an impression that this system is difficult to use for everyone. However, cPanel guarantees that you can use WHM with ease with the help of documentations offered on the website. To know more about WHM, here are some details that introduce its components and their overall function.


The Home Screen


This section keeps all the features that you need for managing your servers and websites daily. Common features that you need for management includes server configuration, security center, network setup and others. You need to configure various features to ensure you will customize your webhost management based on your preferences.


Change Logs


Changes may occur in your cPanel & WHM system. Using WHM for management also stresses the importance of monitoring this system to retain stability and functionality. This section gives you a record of the changes that occurred in your WHM. Developers update their system regularly to maintain security and overall stability that clients look for. Make sure to check these logs regularly to guarantee you’ll maximize its general feature.


Center of various processes and files


Individuals who are highly technical or well versed when it comes to cPanel & WHM technical aspects understand that this platform is the center of numerous processes required for maintaining your server. Processes require numerous components working in your system. It consist of multiple scripts that help in automating all processes in your cPanel. WHM experts even introduce the type of scripts installed in the system so you will know about it and how it will work for your server management. You will find local scripts and the company also list down what you’ll get during initial installation in your system.


Aside from scripts, you can also enjoy a number of files that are required for proper system management. You will learn more about specific files and scripts used in the system with the help of documentation available when you installed cPanel & WHM. They have all the documentations are offered to users by checking online. You can study as you use the system and start navigating this platform.


WHM News


Being updated with your server is crucial for every owner. This link gives you the latest news or information concerning your server. This is located on top of the page so you’ll find it accessible when you need to check it.


WHM is indeed an important factor for your server management needs. All of these information are found on page since it serves as storage for numerous documentations that focus on your platform. You don’t have to worry about using cPanel & WHM with all the help you’ll get online.