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8/02/2013 – Backup Enhancement for cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 02 08 2013.

Ever experienced losing your computer files? You know how bothersome it can be, right? Important documents lost, felicitous photos gone up to waste, affecting computer users’ lives in a wide variety ways. Just imagine when this happen to cPanel users who maintain a website or server. They’ll probably be on their knees and cry while trying to restore the files that they lost. Well, probably not, but restoring all those files can be a daunting task and can put a business on halt.


With its importance, cPanel experts recently presented backup enhancements for cPanel & WHM to deal with the backup procedures. cPanel blog insider, Travis, talked with the company’s experts about the backup improvements used for their system and how it can benefit cPanel’s loyal users.


Backup enhancements… finally!


cPanel experts explained that the backup system didn’t receive any update since 2004. That is almost a decade of leaving the system without updates. The company is aware that cPanel users’ needs change in that amount of time, so they now include numerous updates that every user will find useful. Several features include the following that you can enjoy.


Economizing time used for cPanel backup


Business and website owners always run after their time, so wasting time is not an option. cPanel experts meet this need by maximizing time used on the platform for backup and restoration through updates.


Additional support for various components


Supports are available for other cPanel components including arbitrary custom destinations, WebDav and SFTP. For example, users can now experience support for Amazon S3. This support feature for the aforementioned system, however, is not immediately available with the update. Nevertheless, cPanel users can write commands for it with ease through complete documentations and examples that come with the notes.


Customize backup procedures


Automation in backup procedures is a dream for cPanel users, so the experts provided updates for customizing backup scheduling easier than ever. Users can choose to backup daily and the number of retentions to keep. Set backup schedule daily or bimonthly, you will find it easier to have these backups ready whenever you need to restore them on your page or server.


Concerning remote and local backups


Backups can be done locally or remotely and many cPanel users are concerned whether using both backups simultaneously can cause inconsistency on the system. Experts guarantee that this can be done and in an easy manner with the help of their documentations.


Account restoration interface tweaks


cPanel made backup procedures easier and restoration simpler with the improved user interface. Experts consolidated in one page. The calendar made it easier to for users to select restoration dates, which is one of the components that make backup management faster and simpler than before.


Other features


New features have also been included in the updated backup procedure like the following:


  • Inclusion of MySQL backups in three backup options.
  • Remotely store system backups.
  • Manual remote restoration included and users can do this procedure with the help of its documentation.


cPanel experts prepare these backup updates for version 11.38. You will start to enjoy these backup and restoration procedures by the time you have this cPanel version running in your server.