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8/01/2013 – Developers Preparing the Way for Tomcat 7

Posted by Jamison on 01 08 2013.

cPanel is composed of several components and solutions that make it the most reliable control panel that you can use. Its components work together in supporting programs that you plan to install on your website and servers. Due to experts’ knowledge, you can take advantage of its features and establish your business’ credibility.


In line with providing quality service at all times, cPanel experts came up with another update that makes Java support more enhanced than before. In fact, the company is now preparing the new update and will be launched soon enough for Tomcat 7.


Before everything else…


A lot of people are still unaware of the concept of Tomcat in computing or in web hosting. Apache Tomcat is a known, open-source Java servlet and server pages implementation. This supports Java web application, which is necessary for a lot of websites and other online applications used by service providers.


The remarkable update


Experts decided to come up with another update to the system with the fine grasp of users’ changing needs and it’s now essential to meet their escalating demands in terms of using cPanel with the goal of promoting their brands though websites. Indeed, Tomcat 7 update is now coming your way to meet these demands.


General benefit of Tomcat 7


cPanel users look for what this upcoming upgrade can offer for their Java Application needs. It’s natural to anticipate what Tomcat 7 will offer together with their benefits. Tomcat 7 promises numerous updates and patches that will promote faster response time in running Java applications while offering enhanced security.


With these general benefits, cPanel users, both server administrators and website owners, will be more confident in using Java applications.


Tomcat 7 features


Experts serve a promising set of features that come with Tomcat 7 updates. Features and updates include the following.


Patches for Tomcat 7

Patches are important for every program or platform people use. They offer fixes on problems that arise in the process of using a certain program. Experts notice these inconsistencies and make sure to fix specific problems particularly if they are highly problematic issues discovered in the process of promoting Tomcat 7. As of now, experts release more than 10 patches for Tomcat 7 and start to make this component more useful than before.


Java 6 and 7 support


Java applications run on these different versions and since the time changes, more people now employ apps operating on Java 6 and 7. Earlier Tomcat releases may have inconsistencies in using these Java versions and may cause problems, so Tomcat 7 update now has this support to tweak these apps’ usability.


Cross Site Request Forgery attacks protection


CRFS attacks can make cPanel systems and websites vulnerable. Tomcat 7 experts solve this problem by enhancing the protection system, which also increases users’ confidence in running their Java apps.


These are just some of the features Tomcat 7 updates prepare for users. Experts spent their time ensuring people’s confidence and preparing the way to new and improved Tomcat 7 through these updates. Look out for these updates and use it for your system.