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7/9/2013 – SolusVM Announces Version 1.13.01 Launched!

Posted by Jamison on 09 07 2013.

cPanel, as a known control panel for server and website management, allows users to know their required add-ons that work effectively for their needs. SolusVM, which is used for virtual server management, is one of the top add-ons people can use today.


SolusVM developers are proud to announce the release of its 1.13.01 update, which has a number of new builds that fix problems its users reported on their trouble tickets. The system is now more beneficial to use and with enhanced stability than before.


By downloading this recent update, you will get the following solutions that work effectively for server management.


Modification updates

SolusVM developers modified several parts of the platform. Client area modifications includes improved template on the control.tpl.


Opening VNC in the past will navigate users away from the admincp area but this update allows it to open in a new window. It remains open even if users would do other tasks on the admincp area. VNC access promotes uninterrupted admincp access and processes with VNC accessible in another window.


Fixes offered by the update

SolusVM 1.13.01 update includes a long list of bug fixes for problems SolusVM users reported in the past like the following:


  • Admin API bugs
  •  Fixes vserver-terminate bug that results to failure when sending error alert email.
  • Fixes bug when client-list and node-virtualservers success was not returned.
  • Fixes bug that causes error on the vserver-create internalip variable when set to true.
  • Issue on WHMCS each time returning data coming from vserve-create function causes additional ips to be stripped out.
  • Fixes bugs when the network setting will not save during a user adds a KVM template.
  • Fixes bug on downloading failure if the database is more than 100MB in terms of size.
  • Fixes bug on bandwidth graph generation failure in case the source folder is non-existent.
  • Headers in sent emails through phpmail() were fixed through this update.
  • Solved Xen HVM timings on reboots. They are set to sleep until other processes with pending status have completed.
  • Solved a number of bugs on admincp css.


Additional solutions


Updates are incomplete without added functionalities that are crucial for maintenance. Additional solutions include the following:


  • Admincp set for openvz virtual servers now have VSwap usage bar and memory usage (- cache) bar.
  • Includes disable/specify options on virtual server list columns like operating system and hostname, allowing to truncate length in the process.


About SolusVM


SolusVM offers cutting edge virtual server management solution offered for clients and resellers. It boasts a wide array of features that promote better server management and making all necessary functions available in a single dashboard. Client features include multiserver management on a single account, viewing various server operations and usage like bandwidth, memory, console access, backup management, and others. Reseller features also include operational management features plus booting and rebooting virtual servers and a lot more.


SolusVM developers made this update available for you so it is better to take advantage of its features by downloading this update for your virtual server management system. Update your SolusVM and start using this update for your benefit.


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