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7/31/2013 – cPanel and WHM API: Get to Know Its Features and Functionality

Posted by Jamison on 31 07 2013.

People find cPanel & WHM system easy to navigate due to its user interface and with features that make website and server management a breeze. Nevertheless, cPanel wizards offer this great convenience through expert codes embedded behind their easy to use interfaces. It’s composed of codes that only professionals can understand including APIs.


You will encounter the term API more frequently than expected as you start your journey in using cPanel, as they’re required in completing various processes in managing your servers and websites like automation.


What is API?


API stands for application programming interface, a software component protocol utilized as interface. You will need APIs to help you use cPanel with ease. Experts help provide documentation about this component and make them useful for your system.


By looking at cPanel & WHM alone, you’ll be surprised with the number of APIs that you need to use and help in automating all the processes required by this system.


API’s function in your cPanel & WHM system


APIs’ functions vary depending on their types or designs. However, they all work in promoting automation in your system. Convenient use grants you the joy of taking advantage of cPanel & WHM’s features. Common APIs include the following and with their functions in your system.


Easyapache script


This is one of the most prominent scripts offered by the company. Easyapache lets you collect Apache, PHP and other related components and prepare them for upgrade or reinstallation procedures. This API also allows you to operate multiple PHP versions within your server without problems. It will also collect specific modules necessary for managing your server system.


*Up script


This script allows you to update cPanel & WHM services manually and configure them to ensure finer control that you’ve always wanted. It updates serves that end in –up suffixes like phpup, mysqlup and eximup.




This script lets you add a pop email addresses via SSH. Experts knew that everyone today is after interactive platforms when it comes to software and other important factors. This platform allows you to set new email addresses and configure passwords for each account with ease.




Just like the name implies, this script is used to help restart a number of services set on your cPanel. Restarting services via SSH can be done with this procedure through the script and make it useful for you in the long run.




RPMs are known essential components in cPanel & WHM. There are instances when RPMs will be altered, especially if you managed to configure the system improperly, and may affect your system’s overall performance. This script validates the RPMs in your cPanel and then reinstalls them in case of alteration.


These are just some of the APIs that your cPanel currently have after you install it in your system. They are simple codes but offer utmost functionality that you need as you maintain your system. Now that you know how they function, you’ll understand why experts continue to devise APIs and use them on various platforms that people use together with cPanel.