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7/30/2014 – How to Change the WordPress site URL in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 30 07 2014.

Gone are the days when blogs are just for personal memoirs, for online journals or for an online scrapbook. Blogs have been reinvented to become one of the most in demand avenues of information dissemination, of raising consciousness, and of bridging communities together. Apart from blogs, websites have also increased the standards when it comes to marketing. Thriving businesses just do not stop with paid advertisements or print ads, they all go the website route. Entrepreneurs put so much merit on websites and blogs that they spend a significant amount of money on these platforms. Think of its ROI—bigger customer reach, more opportunities for expansion, and easier ways to cascade information and increase level of awareness.


There are various blog hosting and website cloud hosting providers available online. Each of them has their own services and features that you have to study. You should determine your needs as a business and identify which features will help you drive more traffic to your website. One feature may drive incremental results to the another business, which is not too much of importance to yours.


One of the most popular web software that you can use to create a remarkable and efficient blog or website is WordPress. This is a favourite among bloggers and entrepreneurs as this is both free and valuable. Imagine a platform that can give you a long list of benefits while you do not have to spend a lot. With over 60 million people who have selected and trusted WordPress in empowering their online platform, you can never go wrong with WordPress.


Once you have already decided to expand your website, you can do certain features such as migrating your WordPress sites. One of the most important things about migrating is changing your WordPress site URL. Some of you may experience missing your WordPress CSS stylesheet after moving your site. Migration can be pretty tricky, but do not worry because migrating a WordPress site and changing the site URL can be done and accomplished in a short time. Just follow these steps:


Changing the WordPress Site URL in cPanel via phpMyAdmin


Using cPanel as your hosting provider and after you have migrated your WordPress site, you can already do the following:


  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Select ‘phpMyAdmin’
  3. Select your WordPress Database
  4. Select the ‘wp_options’ table
  5. Select ‘Edit’ next to the ‘siteurl’ field
  6. Enter your new WordPress URL, i.e. ‘’.
  7. Click ‘Go’ to apply the new site URL


Logging into your WordPress Site and Updating the URL


Now that your WordPress site URL has been changed, we can login to our /wp-admin/ section and update the ‘WordPress URL’ and ‘Blog URL’ respectively.


  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Section at the new site URL
  2. Select ‘Settings’ > ‘General’
  3. Enter the new site URL in ‘WordPress URL’
  4. Repeat the new site URL in ‘Blog URL’
  5. Select ‘Save’ to apply the changes


You can now start reviewing the Change and view your new WordPress site at the new site URL.