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7/30/2013 – cPanel & WHM New Security Releases for All Available Versions

Posted by Jamison on 30 07 2013.

Business and website owners are always concerned when it comes to security. A single inconsistency or malware invasion will absolutely bring the business down. Knowing this importance move service providers like cPanel enhance their services to offer the best services that will satisfy customers who trust their service.


Latest security updates


Recently, cPanel once again promoted a new set of security update applicable for all the currently used cPanel & WHM versions. This means that this update is included in versions,, and New users who will download these latest cPanel version releases are guaranteed with improved security in using this system compared to its earlier offers.


Focus of the security update


Several platform users don’t immediately download updates offered by its developers. In some cases, people think that updates are only causing more inconsistencies instead of fixing the problem. Neverheless, security updates should not be taken for granted, leading cPanel security experts to share reports concentrating on the security update’s features and why they came up with such updates.


cPanel introduces case number 64407 that report security inconsistencies brought about by issues with the Roundcube webmail application. According to the report, locally authenticated users can use this inconsistency and result to accessing other sensitive information that are meant for other account users. This security update will fix the issue and promote security for every cPanel user.


Security importance


cPanel provides security levels and ratings on its offered updates. This security update is labeled as an important update. The company defines that this as a critical update that should be installed to make sure every vital information is protected while using this platform.


Protecting cPanel information


Logging on to cPanel and accessing its other elements may result to complete server and account access. This will result to compromising their own accounts due to unsafe security status.


Installing security updates


New cPanel users won’t have any problems acquiring this security update. It’s already integrated with the new releases for all versions. Current cPanel users are assured to have this security release if they set automatic updates on their installed platforms. This means that the system is always protected due to automatic updates whenever they access their cPanel.


If you haven’t set up automatic updates in your cPanel yet, be sure to start configuring it now, so you’ll have them installed even if you’re not aware about these releases. Furthermore, setting automatic updates is also convenient for you if you’re a busy individual as cPanel will update on its own.


Learning more about security updates


It’s natural for you to be concerned about your cPanel & WHM security. You will know more about these updates by visiting cPanel’s website. You can read documentation and case studies to find out how the company assures security for its clients.


Remember that cPanel continues to offer excellent services for you as a cPanel user. Applying these updates will not only maintain security in your system but also stability. Set your automatic updates today and start receiving security releases that will protect your accounts as well as your own servers.