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7/28/2014 – What To Expect with ClientExec

Posted by Jamison on 28 07 2014.

ClientExec is a tool that can enhance the ability of small and mid-sized hosting businesses by helping web hosts manage and support their clients. ClientExec can be accessed from any web browser, giving managers and staff the reach they need to be able to serve their clients better.


On the end of the clients, ClientExec is also easy to use, its software has an interface that facilitates and also enhances communication between them and web hosts. ClientExec also hosts websites for those who want to avail of their services.


As admin or web host, what can you expect from ClientExec?


Customer database


It helps to keep information about your clients to know how to serve them better. All information you need to know about a client will be stored here. Since it is based on the MySQL database engine, data is easy to enter and retrieve.


Support center


The clients may call you for help, but what about when you need help? ClientExec has a fully integrated support ticket system; there will always be a team ready to take your query.


Invoice manager


There is no more need for you to personally keep track of any billing; clients can be invoiced automatically at regular intervals or at any time for any extra work or services.


The system also takes care of billable items, merging them into existing invoices or including them in new ones. For clients who prefer the more traditional way of billing you can view and print bills using the built-in PDF engine. The extensible API also makes any payment gateway available.




The ClientExec system is reliable yet not rigid; it is designed to be flexible. You can add custom fields easily using a simple interface. If you have administrative privileges you also have total control over what features you want to allow or disallow.


Even the entire look and feel of the ClientExec user interface can be customized. Change the skins of the UI whenever you like very easily.


New plugin features


Their latest version 5.0.1 released just last month has the following new features:


  • There is now support for StopForumSpam integration when banning IPs. Instead of waiting the minimum security warning tries, if the IP matches plugin fraud that IP is banned from the system.
  • There is now added coupons and server hostname that can be imported from WHMCS.
  • Live chat now includes a workaround for nonConflict jquery such as WordPress.


New system features


  • The creation of a new domain product with the same domain product already in use in the product group is now disallowed.
  • The deletion of product groups still with products assigned to them has been disallowed.
  • SSL prices have been added to the products list
  • You can now opt to enable/disable Announcements and Notifications buttons.


New billing features


  • Draft invoices now available
  • Invoices can now be split to create news ones. Invoices can now also be merged.
  • You can now create tax rules with a value of 0.
  • Invoice entries can now be moved to another existing invoice.
  • You can now change the prices of add-on recurring fees.


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