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7/26/2013 – ClientExec from BuycPanel!

Posted by Jamison on 26 07 2013.

Billing procedures for web hosting and related services are more than just computing the amount of money clients must pay but also other procedures needed to complete billing and invoicing. Accomplishing these procedures manually is a daunting task, but you now have ClientExec Plus (No Branding) as your assistant in billing management.




Set specifically for hosting invoice management, this addon will definitely lift off the burden off your hands in managing clients’ bills together with profile management. Gone are the days of misplacing invoices or inaccurate computations often caused by manual billing procedures.


To serve you well, this addon is packed with the following features that aid in billing procedures:


Bring your billing dashboard wherever you go


ClientExec allows you to access your dashboard wherever you are using the web browser of your choice. Your location will not affect the system’s updating process and keep track of the changes real time.


Helpdesk at your service


Online helpdesk system ensures hassle-free communication between admin staff and client. Support tickets are updated when new messages were received, which saves time in retrieving lost messages or replies. Aside from communication benefits, support tickets are tracked down, sorted out, delivered to specific team members, and set its priority level all in one add on.


Easy to use dashboard


Dashboards are designed specifically for admin and user level. They may be different in style but both offer organized interface that place every tab or link accessible in a user-friendly manner. Minimalist style means easy navigation and lighten your task in completing the billing process.


Bill tracking at its finest


Enhanced billing modules integrate account details of clients including billable items, credits, and plan or service records. Moreover, this addon also accept major credit cards that clients use for paying their bills, which imply hassle-free payment on their end.


Aside from simple billing procedures, you will also have a way of setting professional billing procedures, which is imperative for developing host providers.


Share files and notify staff members and clients


As a host provider, you are also responsible for caring for your clients. Caring for them is done by providing required files and updates that you will install in the system. Make these files accessible to clients and start using them for added convenience.


File sharing is not limited to distributing files but also in notifying your clients of these changes. Feel like a large company owner by sending notifications that looks like news updates on your client’s dashboard. Your clients will find your uploaded files and updates beneficial for their websites and trust you more as their host provider.


Incorporating a long list of useful plugins


Plugins support billing automation and management that makes the whole process easier for you. ClientExec has many plugin groups like control panel, fraud, payment processor, snap-ins, service automation, and registrar plugins that you can use.


Remove the “Powered by” tag


Getting tired of the common Powered by branding found in other billing addons? ClientExec Plus (No Branding) will not show this to your billing system, giving it an impression of being an integrated service minus the tag.


ClientExec Plus (No Branding) serves as beneficial billing management addon to invest for your cPanel. Promote accuracy and automation that bill clients accordingly minus system inconsistencies that waste your time.


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