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7/26/2012 – BuycPanel Offers WHMCS Licenses

Posted by Jamison on 26 07 2012.

This is where the best of the best all come together in one location. BuycPanel is the world’s largest and best cPanel distributor. cPanel is the best control panel, and Web Host Manager Complete Solutions (WHMCS) is the best web host management and billing software for the web hosting industry.


WHMCS is an all-in-one automated client management billing and support solution. Its ease of use and powerful functionality make it the perfect solution for many online businesses. It offers more than 100 integrated API’s and is partners with a variety of companies that give you access to preferential rates that give your business the advantage it needs to compete in the global marketplace that is the Internet.


Perhaps one of WHMCS’s best features is its customization. WHMCS includes customizable templates that make it easy for you to tweak the emails, purchase screens, billing pages, and more. If that is not enough customization, for the more advanced developers among us WHMCS includes modular support, hooks, and an API.


WHMCS is also integrated with cPanel’s Web Host Manager (WHM). Once you add your client’s domain into your WHM, WHMCS makes it easy to port that information so you can monitor the resolution from within the program. This also makes it easy to see if there are any domains that have not resolved to your servers as well.


There are so many features in WHMCS that we simply lack the space to be able to present them here. Perhaps the most important thing for us to remember is that BuycPanel sells WHMCS licenses at the lowest price. We also offer free installation of any cPanel and addon license you buy from us. To take advantage of our free installation service, simply submit an installation request from within your maintenance section on your BuycPanel account. One of our tech support representatives will contact you shortly about the installation., cPanel, and WHMCS – are a winning combination for your hosting environment.


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