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7/26/2012 – BuycPanel Offers Integrated API Functionality for All Its Clients

Posted by Jamison on 26 07 2012.

As a web host or server administrator, you are all too aware that there are never enough hours in the day to complete every task. There almost always seems to be another server upgrade, software installation, IP address to change, or something else to do. Although many of the installation scripts can be installed in one step, there are others that can tie up several minutes, or even hours of your time to complete. Typically, this is time you just do not have to spare. Fortunately, BuycPanel offers a means of freeing some of your time so you can accomplish other necessary tasks. This means is with the BuycPanel API.


You are likely familiar with the term Application Programming Interface (API). API’s provide the means for software components to communicate with each other and they are used in a variety of server applications from Linux, PHP, Windows, and others. API’s are generally written by programmers and once completed and implemented can save the server administrator countless hours in daily maintenance.


When you buy a cPanel or addon license from BuycPanel, you will have access to the BuycPanel API. If you have installed either or both SolusVM, and/or the BuycPanel Licensing Module for WHMCS, you will also be able to use the API for those addons as well.


Once the API has been implemented, you will be able to automatically add, remove, or change an IP address. Although this is a relatively simple task to complete through the maintenance section of your account, when you have many IP addresses to add, remove, or change, you will appreciate the process being completely automated. After all, isn’t that why we are so reliant on scripts to automate certain tasks?


For more information on the, SolusVM, or BuycPanel Licensing Module API and how it can work for you, contact the support staff today.


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