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7/25/2014 – Perks of cPanel Hosting

Posted by Jamison on 25 07 2014.

When it comes to web hosting there are lots of choices out there, but there are also those on top of the heap, services that can provide more than what their closest competitors can, or do what they can do even better. cPanel is on top of this group.


cPanel is already a class by itself, a UNIX-based web hosting system with a three-level architecture. Its command line and API system modules make it easy to understand by resellers, administrators and web developers alike.


What should you expect to get with cPanel hosting?


Storage space features


  • Domain and subdomain management. This feature allows you to host either single or multiple domains for your accounts. Multiple variations in your primary domain name can also be created.


  • Optimized bandwidth. You can now allocate optimum bandwidth for each of your hosting plans.


  • Spam assassin. cPanel lets you tweak the setting to block out most if not all spam mail.


  • Box Trapper. Along the lines of Spam Assassin, this program screens for “unscrupulous” email, requiring non-authentic email senders to reply to a verification email before their email is allowed into their target inbox. This is a feature unique feature to cPanel.


  • Aliases and forwards. With cPanel hosting external email addresses can easily be mapped.


  • Auto responders. No more need for you to respond to each message personally. With this feature you can manage your auto response services.


  • Mailing list. Be able to automatically send newsletters and emails to a large number of people.


  • IMAP/POP3 accounts. Now you can manage both IMAP and POP3 accounts, giving you greater flexibility.


Database administration features


  • MySQL 5 w/phpMyAdmin. Set your own rules and permissions using a database based on the MySQL platform. You also get Remote MySQL control which lets external web servers access user databases with the use of MySQL control. All they have to do is update their listed names in the host list.


  • PostgreSQL w/phpPgAdmin. Lets you create permissions with the use of a PostgreSQL database.


Security features


  • ssh/Shell Access. Want to have remote connectivity to the user servers? This feature will provide that.


  • Hotlink protection. Hotlinking may be good for that other site, but not for yours as it reduces your bandwidth. Guard against unwanted hotlinking with this feature.


  • Leech protection. Some of your users may be sharing their passwords. This feature lets you know who are legit and who aren’t. This security feature is unique to cPanel.


Statistics features


  • Website statistics. Want to know how many times your site has been visited, how many are unique visitors and how many aren’t? This feature will tell you everything you need to know about the traffic on your website.


  • Raw access logs. This feature lets you keep track of what content in your website is being browsed the most.


  • Bandwidth statistics. Keeping track of bandwidth is important to the smooth operation of website. This feature will let you know how much you are taking up at any time as well as previous data.


  • FTP. You can now have access to all files related to the website through File Transfer Protocol. Administrators have to log in through a third-party program though.


  • Backups. No more losing data, this feature will let website hosts download the whole or a part of their website in the form of a zip file. You can do this manually or set it up or ask administrators to program regular automatic backups.


  • Disk usage space. Another feature unique to cPanel. Disk usage space will let you see how much disk usage is being used by all account directories and databases.