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7/25/2013 – Troubleshooting WHMXtra License Inconsistencies

Posted by Jamison on 25 07 2013.

WHMXtra boosts WHM and cPanel functionality by providing required tools for server and website management. Its collection of plugins is notable for cPanel end user users as among the best plugin set when it comes to numbers and their quality.


Using WHMXtra requires valid licenses to ensure it will run smoothly as required by users. License purchase can be done online and conveniently activates the system for immediate use. However, several users reported a number of issues on their licenses, which result to inconsistencies in using the system.


Since license issues can affect an individual’s use of cPanel and WHM, WHMXtra developers provide users with several solutions that will fix these license inconsistencies.


  • Verify license validity. Verifying your license is the first solution to do if you’ve been using this add on without problems in the past. Your license is probably expired and renew to continue using the program.


  • Reinstalling through command line that comes with the original install command. Some procedures in employing cPanel add ons are recommended to guarantee proper performance at all times like upgrading from the earlier version to the newer versions like Extreme version. Nevertheless, the changes on the platform or plugin environment due to upgrades can result to license inconsistencies and affect its overall processes. One of the ways to solve this issue is command line reinstallation with the original install command.


  • Reissue license by using the client center. If reinstallation didn’t work, another solution is to reissue your license by signing in the client center. According to professionals who work behind this add on, users would need to do this procedure twice to solve the problem, especially if they’re upgrading the platform to a newer version.


  • Upgrading WHMXtra. At some instances, the old version of WHMXtra causes license issues. New licenses have new license URLs and they can cause inconsistencies within the system. When the license has been reissued, users must once again run the installer to update the system. This lets users utilize the new license URL. According to WHMXtra experts, this problem is commonly overlooked cause of license problem and using the same procedures will work for other products like CPX and Pro Suite.


  • Running the right installer based on the license type. Licenses are different when it comes to key characters like numbers or letters. What many people don’t know that these license keys are important factors in fixing license inconsistencies. They serve as an indicator in running the right type of installer to solve these problems. Use the Xtra install command if the license keys starts with XTR. License keys starting with CPX or PRO/XPRO indicate that CPX installer and Pro Suite installer should be used, respectively.


  • Contact technical support. When you’ve done all these fixes and the problem still occurs, be sure to contact technical support to get other fixes or file them within their records for further fixes. Indicate specific information like warning codes or others details that will appear as you try to fix these license problems.


Using WHMXtra for your cPanel system is indeed beneficial for website and server owners. Solve potential inconsistencies with these solutions and start using this platform with ease.


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