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7/24/2014 – Upgrades for Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 24 07 2014.

A dedicated server is an actual and physical server that caters to only one user. Groups, companies and organizations turn to dedicated servers when their operations grow too big to be handled by standard Internet Service Providers and shared hosting, or when they just want better security or smoother operations.


Going for a dedicated server grants the users certain upgrades they would not usually have with the standard ISP and shared hosting. If you are mulling going for a dedicated server, here are some of the upgrades you will be getting:




Since you are no longer sharing the system resources such as processor power, memory and disk space with other shared hosting users, you can expect your system to perform even better.


Administrative access


Administrative access to the server is not granted to users under shared hosting and in some cases this limits what you want to do or be able to do with your website. With a dedicated server you are immediately granted root/administrator access which allows you to install programs and perform custom program configurations.


With custom configuration you now get to choose what special software to install or what configurations the server will have to allow your operations. Programs and settings previously disallowed by your old ISP can now be used.


Getting root access will also allow you monitor how your server resources are being used; making it easier for you to identify potential issues and rectify them before they have can become an issue to your website.


Custom firewall


Who has not run into trouble with the system firewall? Now you can run your own custom firewall and enforce your own access control policy. Remember though that you are still going to deal with the Internet and it has more viruses, bugs and malware than you will ever know.


Your own IP address


Shared hosting means you share a single IP address with other sites, with a dedicated server you will have your own unique IP address. Site traffic will no longer be directed by the host headers.


Service Level Agreement


The SLA for all dedicated servers is usually better than those for shared hosting servers. Shared hosting guarantees a four 9s uptime (99.99 percent), but some dedicated server environments can guarantee 100 percent network uptime, 100 percent power and HVAC uptime as well as short hardware replacement time window.


Advanced technical support


Dedicated server providers have standby technical support to keep your server up and running. A trained “tech guy” who can quickly troubleshoot problems and other website issues can spell the difference between serious downtime and smooth operations.


Safe storage


One of the biggest upgrades you can have with going for a dedicated server is the protection your data will be getting. Servers are kept in a secure facility that is climate-controlled. Your server will also be kept away from condensation, moisture, extreme temperatures and extreme weather. It will also have power 24/7.


If you think your ISP can no longer handle your requirements or just want to do away with shared hosting system, go for a dedicated server. The upgrades you will be getting will be well worth the price.