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7/24/2013 – Why Install the Latest cPanel Release?

Posted by Jamison on 24 07 2013.

cPanel brings website and server management to a different level with its features. Countless individuals, ranging from novice to experts, utilize cPanel for their website and server management needs. Positive feedbacks coming from its users moved more people to incorporate this platform for their server management needs.


Looking closely, experts recommend downloading the latest version of cPanel and add ons for your website and server management requirements. However, you may not notice its significance just yet if you’re just starting in this industry. The following emphasizes the importance of using the latest cPanel at the start.


Boosted performance with the latest build


Latest build means that cPanel experts already acknowledged common problems experienced in the earlier versions. Experts make sure that they solved these problems in the new release and guarantee benefits for future users. Upon a release of certain version, you’ll see that experts also prepare certain documentation notes highlighting the changes included in the release. This helps users understand what makes the new ones stand out among the rest.


Aside from fixed features, the latest versions are also empowered with new features that promote efficiency. cPanel’s latest version has improved speed performance so it would be useful for individuals who wish to use these programs. By using the latest platform, users will find it more beneficial for people to employ this platform for web and server management procedures.


Availability of updates


Updates are the primary reason why using the latest releases are recommended for cPanel and add on users. These updates commonly include new fixes that were not dealt with the new release like security patches and other updates that will solve this problem.


With cPanel, it allows users to automatically update the system as long as this feature is enabled in the process. New releases always have new updates available set by professionals from both cPanel and add on developers. As long as you’re using the latest version, you’re assured to get the needed updates for your system. Old versions like in the case of cPanel version 11.30, it reached its End of Life or EOL, which indicates that cPanel won’t deliver support like updates. This leads to the next significance of using the latest platform.


Longer support without migration


New releases mean that cPanel will support them for a long time. They won’t reach their End of Life yet for the next year or so. Therefore, users don’t need to migrate soon since they will install the latest version. Reaching EOL will only compromise a system’s platform because it won’t receive security and stability updates. To avoid compromising the server, cPanel users need to migrate their accounts, which may also cause problems along the way and result to delays in server management procedures


It’s vital to use the latest cPanel and add on versions if you want to achieve utmost benefits for your servers. Fortunately, experts continuously update their systems to ensure that new releases will be ready for users. If you’re new in this world of cPanel and add ons, you must download the latest version and start your website management needs without problems.