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7/23/2014 – Softaculous Social Networking Plugins

Posted by Jamison on 23 07 2014.

Are you designing a website or a social media network? Let Softaculous help you pick the tools you need. Softaculous can give you access to many programs and scripts you can use to make your website complete.


When it comes to website, linking to social media is a must. For most people social media is now the source for news, gossip, communication, videos, music almost anything regarding the sharing of information.


So, what are the best Softaculous plugins you should have for your website or social media network and what do they have to offer? Here are just some of the best to get out there.


  • Oxwall. Oxwall is an easy to use PHP/MySQL software platform that can be utilized for a wide range of projects from family sites to custom social networks. It can also be used to design collaboration tools and enterprise community solutions. It is also backed up by a great online support team. Oxwall is also able to support real-time activity notifications, newsfeeds, instant chat, photo and video sharing, blogs, wiki and events. It also has collaboration, file-sharing and video-conference tools.


  • Dolphin. This is an open-source platform that lets designers use features like video chat, groups, events and mailboxes and more for social media sites. It even has support for multiple languages. Dolphin is recommended for the more tech-savvy since using this program to its fullest potential involves a little coding.


  • Jcow. A PHP-based social networking platform, Jcow allows your site to be able to handle more traffic, extend your network and provide unique profiles to your site members. It also can also provide security features like permissions and user levels. This is apart from the usual features like file sharing and interactives.


  • Beatz. Based on LAMP technology and using Mootool slideshows and Ajax tab menus , Beatz is another tool for making social media, although this one is a little heavier on the audio and video experience.  This plugin can also let you embed videos from YouTube, access featured videos as well as upload .mp3 music files.


  • Etano. Etano offers feature like photo albums, Captcha support for file downloads, saved searches, profile searches, blogs and comments, making it ideal for private group sites, company and product sites. It also has an advanced mailbox system, user preferences and blocking options.


  • PeoplePods. If you want people to be able to communicate with the widest range of tools possible then PeoplePods is your plugin. It can provide a flexible system in your website or social network where members create, comment upon, and use various types of content.


  • Elgg. This user-friendly open-source engine has features like activities, notifications, groups, file sharing, video embedding, blogs, media and external pages.


  • pH7CMS. A PHP-based plugin that is ideal for dating sites. It has more than 30 modules and comes with various features like blogs, messaging, group message, geolocation, chat rooms and even quirky ones like Love Calculator, Chatroulette, Hot or Not and Webcam Shot.


Don’t let your site get left behind, choose the right plugins and get the right features for your website or social media network.


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