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7/23/2013 – System Requirements and Support for Installing the Latest cPanel Version

Posted by Jamison on 23 07 2013.

The technical world is composed of both hardware and software solutions. In fact, every computer processes rely on both components to ensure their functionality and provide efficiency for people. In using cPanel and WHM, users are also required to meet specific system requirements in order to run the latest version without problems.


cPanel’s latest version, 11.36, is the newest platform solutions recommended for users because of its offered features. This version generates better speed compared to its earlier releases. Installing this new version, however, requires cPanel users to meet specific system requirements.


System requirements


Minimum system requirements are set that ensure this platform will work accordingly. Just like in computers, cPanel sets hardware and software minimum requirements on servers. The following are some of the requirements for servers in utilizing this platform like the following.




  • Processor: minimum of 266 MHz processor
  • Disk space: 10GB
  • Memory: 512 MB and 1GB for servers hosing numerous accounts




Minimum requirements are set for operating systems and virtual environments

Operating systems (x86-64 and i386 only)


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, 6.x versions
  • CentOS 5.x, 6.x versions
  • CloudLinux 5.x, 6.x versions. The 6.x version is compatible with cPanel and WHM versions 11.30.4 and newer but incompatible with Virtuozzo or OpenVZ virtual environments.


Virtual Environments


As for virtual environments, cPanel reports to not support 32-bit environments that operate on 64-bit host kernel but it support the following:


  • Stable releases of OpenVZ
  • KVM
  • Microsoft Servr 2008 Hyper-V. cPanel supports Microsoft-designed drivers and configurations.
  • Linux VServer
  • Virtuozzo
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox, VirtualBox OSE
  • Xen, XenServer, XenExpress, XenEnterprise


Aside from setting minimum system requirements, the company also provided important notes about installing this solution in servers. They help in promoting easy and hassle-free cPanel installation that many people look for today. Let the following facts guide you in installing the latest cPanel version.


  • Exceeding minimum system requirements. Minimum requirements guarantee that cPanel 11.36 will run without problems in the system. However, cPanel professionals recommend for server owners hosting multiple accounts to exceed these minimum requirements to assure flawless server operations.


  • Install operating system at the minimal setting. Most of the time, people tend to install full versions of operating systems in preparation for cPanel installation. However, installing them may cause redundancy within the system. cPanel advises to install the operating system at its minimal setting or version since cPanel will automatically install the entire services that it needs.


  • Inexperienced FreeBSD administrator are recommended to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS.


  • Understanding a version’s End of Life. The company released a list of cPanel versions available as well as their anticipated End of Life. In cPanel’s term, End of Life or EOL means developers won’t update a certain version, exposing it to potential security and instability issues. Experts recommend using the latest version since they have longer supported periods before they reach their EOLs. Check these details online and see what cPanel versions are available for you.


System requirements let you know the factors that make cPanel operate with ease. List your server’s specifications and see if you meet these requirements prior to installing cPanel 11.36.