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7/18/2014 – The Future of cPanel’s Paper Lantern

Posted by Jamison on 18 07 2014.

Developers at cPanel wracked their minds on how to make the program even better. Their decision was to give it the new user interface with a “dramatically” new, better look and feel. They call it Paper Lantern.


Still in the alpha version, the Paper Lantern is simply a UI that changes the visual complexity of the current interface into one with less clutter and a more consistent layout. The developers said they adopted Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 as their template for the new look.


The good news is that you can now switch to the Paper Lantern UI if you are running version 11.42 of cPanel or WHM and if you have a reseller account or privilege. Just log in, then:


-Click on “Modify an Account” in the sidebar

-Select an account then click “Modify”

-Select “Paper Lantern” from the cPanel Theme menu and then click “Save”


Log out then log in again to see the new user interface theme. Again, this version is still in alpha and there are still some changes to be made.


So what next with Paper Lantern?


“First, we’re going to focus more on the product’s inexperienced users, without sacrificing the productivity and capabilities that our savvy users enjoy. Inexperienced users want to go from ‘Zero to Done’ in as few steps as possible. Our goal is to make Paper Lantern more lightweight on the surface, while still easily navigable for the most advanced users. Along the way, we’re continually asking ourselves ‘How can this be simpler?’ so inexperienced users can avoid feeling overwhelmed or discouraged before completing their project,” one of the developers said on


He also mentions streamlining the UI to suit the needs of the users more.


“We’re going to make the underlying technologies inside cPanel disappear. Don’t get me wrong; they’re not going away. We’re just going to start paying careful attention to what users want to be doing to get their projects done, rather than what we need them to be doing.”


The developer also mentions making the Paper Lantern’s code base more agile than the current X3 system it is using now. This change will make it easier for cPanel users to make customizations more easily.


Feedback welcome

The developers don’t want to go on this journey alone and want the users to be involved in the development of this easier-to-use cPanel user interface. cPanel users are being encouraged to log in, check out Paper Lantern and give feedback on what they see either via email or a post in their User Experience Forum.


“We believe that everyone deserves their chance to shine online and focusing on inexperienced users, teaching them what they need to know, enabling them to get their projects done, and embracing what changes may come demonstrates our dedication to that belief. That’s where Paper Lantern is heading. We don’t expect to achieve these goals overnight. Paper Lantern is more than an end-user interface for cPanel, it’s an ideal that we have dedicated ourselves to strive towards,” the developer says.