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7/18/2013 – RVSkin Licenses: Essential Licensing Details to Keep in Mind

Posted by Jamison on 18 07 2013.

cPanel is promoted with multiple add ons to use that improve its offered functionality for specific users. People can choose among the themes available and manage them with ease. RVSkin is one of the known addons that help in customizing theme platforms that promote branding for specific users.


Add ons integrated with cPanel require licenses and they can be purchased online then activate for immediate use. In getting this add on, it’s crucial to keep several details in mind in getting licenses and be prepared with what the company offers when it comes to their activation.


License activation


Obtaining a license doesn’t end the job for you. You must also activate it immediately and start applying needed changes on your cPanel. The question is how soon you can have your license activate. According to RV Skin developers, you will receive an email notification after paying for the license. Once you received this notification, you can start installing this add on in your cPanel.


In some cases, some people are unable to receive email notifications for RV Skin license purchase. Instead of maximizing time, people then start to waste it since they can’t use RV Skin immediately. Users can also wait for the email to arrive but arrival take longer than the usual in some cases. RV Skin developers ask users to send them support ticket and follow-up on the email notification. They provide necessary information about the email or give users a go signal to install the RV Skin as long as payment has been verified in the system. Users simply need to follow instructions set in the email to ensure proper function.


Licensing problems


At some point, some people experience licensing problems when they receive notifications about their license being invalid or expired. This is a common problem experienced by many individuals across the cPanel world due to some inconsistencies that can be fixed by simple troubleshooting methods.


RV Skin sets a specific page where users can verify their license’s validity. They know that they still have valid licenses but their RV Skin panels show otherwise. To verify their licenses, users simply need to type in their IP address after logging on at this website Users will then know if their license is valid or not.


In case their licenses are valid according to their knowledge, they can contact RV Skin’s technical support experts and get support for their needs when it comes to their licenses. Troubleshooting methods will be provided to solve this problem.


License renewal


License renewal is important to continuously use this add on. If the license was expired, users can log on to RV Skin’s member area to renew their licenses. Users can choose the license to renew and pay for it. Once email confirmation of payment arrived, users can once again update their RV Skin then use it again.


Licensing details are important when it comes to using this add on. By knowing how the licenses work, users will find it easier to deal with this in the process and start using RV Skin.


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