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7/16/2013 – Discover Why cPanel and CloudLinux Work Efficiently Together!

Posted by Jamison on 16 07 2013.

cPanel is designed to work with various add ons and offer utmost functionality for every user. Countless individuals now employ cPanel for web and server management and took advantage of several add ons that they need like CloudLinux.


CloudLinux receives positive feedbacks from its users due to its offered stability for web hosting while optimizing commercial-supported Linux OS based on clients’ requirements. But more than just a compatible add on, cPanel announced that CloudLinux is its first formal partner and are working towards offering unparalleled support for its clients like host providers.


You may have heard of how CloudLinux gained a number of positive feedbacks from its users but don’t actually understand how it works efficiently with cPanel. Here are some of the reasons why these two have the best combination when it comes to server management.


Balancing consumed resources for enhanced stability


Shared hosting services are more affordable for people so more individuals choose this for this option for their server needs, especially for those who are starting their businesses or those on a budget. However, the number of accounts accessing the server would result to system slow down and result to down time.


CloudLinux embedded in cPanel and WHM can ensure that users will have improved stability not only for a single account but also for everyone who’s using the shared server. It has the Lightweight Virtual Environment or LVE that promotes utmost stability and performance across all server users.


LVE transparency


It’s crucial for programs used in cPanel to work efficiently and one of the best ways to do so is by using a lightweight platform for its different processes. Lightweight Virtual Environment is a Kernel level technology, which boost transparency for both parties. Like the administrator and the end users.


Easy account management and usage


cPanel and WHM are geared towards efficiency for administrators and end users. CloudLinux extends accessibility to different resources within the system through its admin interface. It doesn’t only ensure accessibility but also in monitoring resource usage set on each website.


Improved efficiency on servers


Servers have its limit in hosting accounts due to server resources. It won’t also allow servers to leave its resources idle. Maximizing your server’s resources with the help of cPanel/WHM will help you support more client accounts. And this is hosting more accounts but without affecting improved performance than the usual.


More supported environments and software


System compatibility is crucial for everyone looking for server options. CloudLinux is compatible with numerous software and environments like the following.


  • XEN, HyperV, VMWare
  • RHEL or CentOS
  • Ksplice
  • Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed
  • R1Soft


These are just some of the common platforms supported by CloudLinux. More users will find it more useful for their server management needs.


CloudLinux has the functionalities that work perfectly with cPanel/WHM. With both their features working together, people will find their servers easier to manage while providing utmost benefits for end users. Try CloudLinux today with your cPanel and experience their offered advantages for your business.


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