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7/15/2013 – Which LiteSpeed Should I Choose?

Posted by Jamison on 15 07 2013.

LiteSpeed Web Server is just one of the many add ons that integrate easily with cPanel and WHM. Supporting various platforms, numerous individuals find the benefit of installing this add on and promote efficiency within the system.


Many cPanel users shared positive feedbacks and high ratings on this solution, which are the primary reasons that probably moved you to choosing this option for your cPanel. Nevertheless, choosing a license to activate LiteSpeed can be a daunting task if you don’t know which to choose.


LiteSpeed license options


LiteSpeed Web Server offers three license editions that match specific individuals’ needs namely Free Standard, VPS and Enterprise. They have specific features that you’ll find useful for web server management and budget. Aside from the license edition, LiteSpeed also offers three types of paid license ideal for specific client profile.


Choosing the right license


You have your own needs as a website and server owner and choosing the right license offers financial and efficiency benefits. Consider the following short descriptions as you compare for the best license that you can use with LiteSpeed.


Free Standard Edition


This option is designed specifically for individuals who are starting their online businesses and are currently on a budget. Features include the following:


  • Designed specifically for small, starting websites to medium-sized ones.
  • Made for websites with limit of up to 150 concurrent connections
  • Supports up to 5 Apache vhosts
  • Offered free of charge for users


VPS Edition


Low-end VPS users will find this as the most affordable solution offered online. Its features empower low-end VPS when it comes to operation and performance.


  • Similar with 1-CPU license but made for those with 500 concurrent connections limit and up to 2G memory limit.
  • Supported a number of platforms like VMWare, XEN, OpenVZ VPS, UserModeLinux VPS, HyperV, KVM and Virtuozzo.
  • Affordable price for its offered features


Enterprise Edition


Designed specifically for high profile businesses that require improved security and performance. Features include the following:


  • Paid license.
  • Offered for 15-day trial option
  • Supports unlimited concurrent connections
  • Unlimited supported Apache virtual hosts
  • Highly optimized performance with available multi-processor scalability
  • Top (D)DoS protection
  • LiteSpeed cache, however, is excluded in 1-CPU license.


Types of paid licenses


LiteSpeed developers also offer license types for the paid choices that suit specific needs.


  • Leased license. This license type will only be valid up to the time you lease them. Choose from monthly or yearly license lease options that meet your needs. Free upgrade is also included during the time of the lease.


  • Owned license. Instead of renewing license lease yearly or monthly, owned license charges one-time payment and you can use it permanently but with some limitations. Unlike the leased licenses, you’re only entitled for free software updates within a year or the first year of using an owned license.


Through these details, you will know the best license option designed for your needs in maintaining your website and server. LiteSpeed web server lets you enjoy the benefit of its features for server management while saving a lot of money with the right license.


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