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7/14/2014 – RVSiteBuilder’s Superb Backup System with Version 5.2

Posted by Jamison on 14 07 2014.

RVSitebuilder is one of the versatile tools available out there when it comes to creating a website. This is not a simple elementary tool, it has more than 700 still template and more than 40 flash templates for whatever you need to make your website nifty; photo albums, blogs, guest books, calendars, newsletters, logos, taglines, etc., and all of them royalty-free.


Despite all that it is also very easy to use, little wonder why RVSB is one of the most widely used website making tools by both professional designers and those who just want to dabble.


Comprehensive backup feature


The latest version, RSVB 5.2, comes with even more features, including a backup and restore feature that makes sure you never lose any of the data you have or just want to go back to any stage of your project.


You can backup and save data into your PC with just one click. Since RVSB is an online tool, you don’t have to worry about your data in case of disk crash, power loss or machine failure.


The backup system will also allow you to move any project around on the server or change one to another. The backup option will always be available for use, there are no timeout issues and error problems will be dealt with, it will also have security measure in place to make sure only you, and those who are cleared to make changes to your project, can have access to it.


When it comes to data recovery, RVSB 5.2 takes it one step further, allowing users to be able to recover data from the published website itself. The data will also be available even if users forget to upload their project to the RVSB database, the recovering dialog will be shown on RVSB user interface to allow users to recover the data themselves.


Other features of RVSB version 5.2


  • Mobile-first concept. The templates that come with RVSB 5.2 are no longer just for PC resolution and size, but for other devices including smartphones, tablets and other hand-held mobile devices. This means no more cutting, trimming and estimating the size of objects just to get the look right.


Templates are available for 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024 pixel resolutions and at 90 percent, 95 percent and full screen sizes. Website margins can also now easily be set just by specifying the number of pixels provided.


  • Style adjustment improvements. You now have more options to adjust your style with new tools and 20 new navigation menus. New fonts are also now available. Editing images for position and size is as easy as dragging the mouse.


  • Block management. Use the design “blocks” to your advantage. Blocks can easily be modified, moved around and enhanced.


  • Unlimited pages and sub-pages. You can now add as many pages as you want to your website; the limit is your bandwidth, not your imagination.


  • Social networking. What better way to show off your website than via social network? RSVB 5.2 will now let you browse images directly from your social media account and connect your website to that account.


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