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7/12/2013 – What is Best Operating System for Dedicated Servers?

Posted by Jamison on 12 07 2013.

Dedicated servers receive utmost praise for its offered features that meet specific business owners’ requirements. Several entrepreneurs prefer dedicated servers due to its scalable feature and performance only set for a single user.


Just like virtual private servers or VPS, dedicated servers also run using operating systems their users chose. In setting up your own dedicated server, remember that you must choose the right operating system not only for its ability to maintain server operations in general but offers the most value for your money. Consider the following factors as you look for dedicated server operating system.


The name backing up the operating system


Name is indeed a crucial factor in choosing remarkable operating system for dedicated servers. A reliable name in the online industry gives you an idea that its systems’ stability, which is mandatory in targeting future business expansion. Nowadays, you will hear several operating systems developed by top and trusted names across the online market.


System stability and security


Top names back up operating systems, which assure their quality, but some OS’ are well received in the market because of their security and stability. Top quality architecture developers set right at their release guarantee system stability and security. Once released in the market, entrepreneurs will discover their offered benefits in the long run.


Setting a revolutionary operating structure right at the beginning but improved security and stability also rely on regular updates delivered by the developers. Updates consist of security enhancements and performance modifiers. New updates imply added programs in the operating system but performance enhancers guarantee that the system will continue running smoothly after installation.


Customizable features


Many web server owners find it imperative to customize their operating systems due to varying needs that preset systems my not meet. Operating system developers give way to complete customization by setting these features on their software solutions. Shop online for choices such as open source operating systems and learn more about customizable features that will help personalize your chosen platform.


Technical support assistance


A high-end server like a dedicated server requires high profile technical support coming from professionals. Operating system developers have in-house technical support representatives who will help you fix various issues within your dedicated server. These experts will provide troubleshooting methods to fix these issues. After exhausting all your troubleshooting resources and the problem is still not fixed, technical support representatives will assist you in creating trouble tickets and file them in their records. Trouble tickets serve as documented records of these issues and alert their professionals in coming up with fixes in the system.




Operating systems are offered in varying prices depending on the name or features you’ll get. Others are available for free as part of your server’s plan but considering other options introduce solutions that may benefit you more. Compare operating system features and budget to see if they match your preferences.


Operating systems help you manage your server and website with ease. Make sure to find the right operating system by using these considerations as your guide in shopping for the top operating system.