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7/10/2013 – What to Expect in RVSiteBuilder v5

Posted by Jamison on 10 07 2013.

Establishing your own website and its management includes researching for different solutions involved in starting your own page. Aside from cPanel, add-ons integrated with this platform are useful in managing your website and servers like RVSiteBuilder. RVSiteBuilder is a recommended add-on to integrate with your cPanel, which is designed for building and designing your website.


RVSiteBuilder and its features


RVSiteBuilder is a revolutionary add-on made for establishing your webpage from scratch. Its innovative features give you the control in setting a webpage with excellent quality contributing to your boosted online presence.


As a solution offered by a high-ranking company, it bears the latest features needed for webpage building and enhancement that promote advantage for you in the long run. RVSiteBuilder developers are proud to release its Version 5, which has powerful features working effectively for your website project.


What to expect in Version 5?


RVSiteBuilder developers offer updated features in Version 5 as a new release coming from the company.


  • User-friendly interface made easier to use. Everyone is always searching for top quality yet simple to use solutions when it comes to applications or other items. RVSiteBuilder exceeds website owners’ expectations by offering its user-friendly interface, completing your website project fast after accomplishing several steps.


  • Template keyword searching. Finding your needed template for website building is now easier through Version 5. Use keywords to search for matching templates within its database and use the most suitable one for your current project.


  • Image editor. Do away with third party photo editors for basic photo editing. Let Version 5’s image editor feature, which is included as part of the add-on, be your tool in rotating or resizing website photos uploaded online.


  • Draft features. Draft feature is an essential factor in building webpages. You may cease your project activities for now but you do not want to remove current contents or changes. RVSiteBuilder Version 5 lets you save your current project as drafts and do other tasks until you are ready to face the same project. Drafts feature assures that changes made on your website project will be retained and set for your next access.


  • Member area. Offering member-specific services is one of your goals in improving your online presence through your website. Let your members or subscribers enjoy services and page access on specific areas with the Member Area feature. Set passwords for member-only areas and provide sole access for members, who may be your future business partners or clients in the future.


  • Enter the social media world with ease. Publishing a website comes together with entering the social media world. Online marketers target social media as a way of reaching out to more subscribers and potential clients. Place social media elements like buttons and Like boxes on your page with ease with RVSiteBuilder’s social media feature.


RVSiteBuilder Version 5 empowers website owners in building their own pages with ease. Installing this latest version lets cPanel users take advantage of its features for achieving notable online presence through websites.


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