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7/02/2014 – cPanel: A System Administrator’s Dream

Posted by Jamison on 02 07 2014.

If you are running the admin on a server system you know how important the licenses are; they allow you to use the various programs necessary to your operations while protecting your system from potentially harmful or counterfeit program that can lead to bigger (read: legal) headaches later on.


Your server system will require more than just one licensed program, so managing licenses becomes all the more important to keep things running smoothly. Given the many duties you have as system administrator, why not let cPanel help you make this particular job so much easier?


With cPanel, you get all the features you need to be able to manage your system’s licenses, including:


  • License activation and verification. You server system may already have various licenses, but it won’t do you any good if those licenses haven’t been activated. cPanel can help you find out if your license has already in force.


  • License expiration. With the many things you have to do as server system admin, you may not be able to read notices of license expirations all the time. Imagine suddenly finding out you can’t use a program or something stops working just because of this. cPanel can keep track of what licenses are about to expire so you don’t have to.


  • License searching. You have the Internet to search for licenses, but this is a process that takes up time best spent on other things. This feature will let you search for a wide range of licenses you might need or merely want information on the basic attributes of.


  • User management. The different programs your server system uses come with various files and protocols and not all will work the same way, run under the same license or operate under the same VPS environment. A good web server should be able to manage these different types of files and their requirements.


  • Enterprise Support. Real-time data is essential to the smooth operation of a server system. Not once a day data or once a week data, but data available when you need it. This feature will make sure you get the information you need when you want.


  • Account History Tracker. If you are managing more than one website on a server system it is ideal to audit licenses every once in a while to check if everything is in order. cPanel’s web-based account history tracker feature will make sure this is done quickly and efficiently.


  • Web Based Portal. Compared to a platform-based portal, a web-based portal can let you look for license verification and carry out activation much faster. Plus you are assured you will not lose any data in a web-based portal as opposed to other platform-based portals.


  • Security Controls. A good system has the means to secure itself, and various licenses will come with security features. cPanel can be depended on to make sure these rules are followed, it can also add exceptions to some security features when the need arises to circumvent them.


Managing the license issues of server system need not be such a pain. Let cPanel help make your job easier.