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6/27/2013 – Softaculous Presents 4.2.0 Update

Posted by Jamison on 27 06 2013.

cPanel utilizes a lot of different add-ons that help people with website management and even promote enhanced functionality on their websites. Softaculous is among the many add-ons that provide scripts needed as part of the autoinstaller system designed for cPanel.


Just like other top developers, developers for Softaculous assure to promote updates for its users. The company is happy to present the newest 4.2.0 update release that fixes specific problems that may occur in using this add on.


What 4.2.0 offers?


This update offers solution on bugs when it comes to upgrading. Several users reported that the system showed problems in detecting upgrades on the installed solution on cPanel. However, this problem is only specific for upgrades that have alphabets on their version numbers. In general, installation versions may only have numbers but some Softaculous installations may also have letters, which probably cause the problem. Through this bug fix, users will not have problems in detecting upgrade for these installations.


The Softaculous benefits when it comes to updates


It is crucial for every top developer for web systems today to come up with the right updates for their solutions. This guarantees that every problem will be solved and result to hassle-free use. Softaculous makes sure to come up with the updates on a regular basis and as a top company, it releases regular updates that work effectively for users.


Before releasing 4.2.0 release, the company released the 4.1.9 update ten days earlier and promotes better use for its users. However, 4.2.0 only solves a single problem compared to the 4.1.9. Regardless of the type of problem solved, knowing that the company releases update regularly can assure users that they are on the right hands in using Softaculous as an autoinstaller.


About Softaculous


Softaculous brings autoinstallers to the next level by offering top of the line features that promote benefits for its users. For instance, it offers beautiful user interface that many web server users want to have today. Aside from top quality user interface, developers also designed this add on to be simpler to use compared to other solutions offered in the market. It also supports more than 200 scripts that web owners and server managers will find useful for their business. Their supported apps will guarantee beneficial use in the long run, particularly if they’re after quality and stable use.


Due to these features, the company received numerous positive feedbacks coming from users and now include this add on to their cPanel installation.


To provide the best user experience, the company also offers demos that introduces the whole system and gives users an idea about what their solutions can offer. Check these as well if you are after the finest solutions to use for your system.


Softaculous add-on is indeed one of the top solutions anyone with cPanel and WHM can use. With its new updates, the company once again solved another problem that has been occurring as reported by users. Softaculous can assure that users will not have problems in using their system powered by this add on.


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