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6/26/2015 – Proper Optimization of Websites Through cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 26 06 2015.

Website optimization can be done through many different methods and techniques. Of course, the specific step that will be performed will still depend on the type of website to be optimized, so it is important that users know exactly what they want to do with their sites. There are some that just require basic optimizations, such as reducing the file size of images that appear on the site. There are also some individuals who need to perform web application-specific procedures, including PHP caching. Fortunately, for cPanel users, a number of features can be utilized for such tasks. One of these is the Optimize Website feature.


About the Optimize Website Feature


In most cases, every time that people visit a website, their browsers display the content of the sites they are on in the same size as how they are stored in the site’s server. In other words, if the images on a website has an 80w x 15h size and it is stored in the same way in the website’s server, visitors will be able to view them via their browsers in the same way. If the content’s file size is too big, it will take a long time for it to load on the visitor’s end, which of course, will make anyone impatient.


To avoid losing and missing out on potential visitors, cPanel users should take advantage of the Optimize Website feature of the interface. When enabled, web content will be optimized, resulting in faster loading web pages, including everything that they contain. It is very easy to access and use this feature, which is why experts at cPanel recommend users to take advantage of it.


How It Works


Basically, the Optimize Website feature provides cPanel users to activate an automatic compression process for specific types of web content every time that a site visitor tries to access it. An Apache module known as mod_deflate is the major player in this feature. It makes use of a standard gzip compression, which, when enabled, compresses the content of the website prior to client gaining access to it. The browser being used by the client will then uncompress the files and display it the same way as it is stored in the server’s system.


All of the modern web browsers are capable of supporting this particular type of compression, which makes serving web content faster and easier.


Using the Optimize Website Feature


For cPanel users who would like to take advantage of this useful and beneficial feature, they can do so by going to the home screen section named “Software/Services”. Once this has been selected, an option that says “Optimize Website” can then be selected. Depending on the user, the entire content of the website can be optimized or just some parts of it. To complete the process, users just need to click on the “Compress all” option followed by the “Update Settings” button.




As mentioned above, cPanel users can also choose specific parts of the website content to be optimized. This can be done by simply declaring the types on the Optimize Website feature through the use of MIME types. For instance, if a cPanel user just wants to optimize video content, the MIME types to be declared may be the following:


  1. video/ogg
  2. video/mp4
  3. video/x-matroska


Clicking on  the option that says “Update Settings” will complete the optimization of these specific parts of the site content.