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6/26/2013 – LiteSpeed Web Server; A Comparison of Standard and Enterprise Editions

Posted by Jamison on 26 06 2013.

LiteSpeed Web Server is among the top performing web server add ons for cPanel used by many website and server owners nowadays. As a highly scalable solution, many individuals who want to promote speed within their system for PHP content delivery and a lot more.


LiteSpeed Technologies is after providing the right solutions for their website needs. The company offers two web server editions that meet specific needs of its users namely the Standard and Enterprise versions.


To know more about these solutions, here is a comparison of what they offer and understand what benefits you’ll get in using this add on.


Standard Edition


Features include the following primary features that users will find beneficial for their needs.


  • LiteSpeed Multiplexing Network Engine
  • Several LSAPI platforms like PHP and Ruby/Rails
  • Web admin feature
  • CGI and FastCGI support for enhanced content generation to executable files. Both support scripting language for PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and Java.
  • Auto service recovery
  • Static load balancer
  • Throttle per client for both connection and bandwidth.
  • Virtual host templates
  • Supports up to five Max Virtual hosts from Apache
  • Up to 150 Max concurrent connections
  • Good D(DOS) Protection
  • Good performance for quality user experience


These several features come with LiteSpeed Web Server Standard Edition that is free to download for consumers who plan to try this add on for cPanel for the first time. While offered free, the Standard edition still has limited features that may disappoint some users but they are still ideal for individuals who have limited use of this web server and are just starting to use this platform.


Enterprise editions

Made for high-end web server users, the Enterprise edition has all the features offered in the Standard edition but with added features that high profile web owners need. Here are some of the added features set in this edition.


  • Bandwidth + connection throttle per VHost feature
  • Unlimited Max Virtual hosts from Apache httpd.conf


  • Support for disk cache (mod_cache) for users with 2-CPU license or more.
  • GeoLocation targeting
  • Share hosting used with Built-in Ruby on Rails
  • Support on SSL Hardware Accelaration
  • Unlimited or up to 500 Max Concurrent Connections for those with VPS license
  • Optimized performance
  • Unbeatable (D)DOS protection
  • Scalable multi-processor


Enterprise version can be purchased at a price and may not be perfect for individuals who want to save money at the early stage of web server management. However, users can get the free 15-day trial to see what this edition can offer. Enterprise edition also comes in various license options that match people’s needs. LiteSpeed helps users discover the best solution for their systems and choose the ones to try out prior to purchasing.


LiteSPeed is a scalable add on for cPanel when it comes to web server management. By knowing these editions, you will know the best option for you and see how the web server will work for you, especially if you have different needs when it comes to this add on.


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