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6/25/2014 – App Integration with cPanel & WHM

Posted by Jamison on 25 06 2014.

The world of apps is fast becoming lucrative with more and more being developed each day to serve different types of needs. Let’s say you’ve designed an awesome app; that is just the first step. How do you make sure it gets noticed, sees wide use and earns you the recognition or money you deserve? You can do this by integrating your application with cPanel and WHM software.


cPanel and WHM software currently has the largest installation base of web hosting control panels in the world and in the Internet today. According to cPanel they maintain a 3:1 ratio on hosted domains compared to the next most popular commercially available solution.


If you integrate your application with cPanel and WHM software, you get:


  • Direct exposure. Integration with cPanel and WHM can give your app direct exposure to the world’s top web hosting providers and data centers.


  • Access to web hosting accounts. Your app will have access to millions and millions of web hosting accounts out there.


  • Active marketing. Your app will have active placement within the thriving cPanel community through co-marketing programs such as their application catalog. Just imagine how many potential users can be able to see and get access your app.


Other benefits to cPanel and WHM integration


Those are just the marketing advantages. As developer you will have full control over how your app will be marketed or distributed, how it is managed and how you get your royalties. If you want, they can even help you get your app to the next level.


  • Choose your marketing strategy. Freemiums are good way to get potential customers to look your way. The “free” part will always draw them in and once they realize how handy your app is they can always go for the premium model. With cPanel and WHM integration you have the option to try out the freemium strategy; of course you get to pick what features came come free and what don’t. You also have the options to just go for the upsell bundle immediately if you want.


  • Simplified management. Sometimes things don’t always work out with customers. cPanel and WHM customer support agents can easily activate and suspend accounts, or add and remove services when these are necessary.


  • Billing management. Integration partners will have access to the Manage2 billing application, an easy way to maintain your licenses with cPanel and WHM. Manage2 will let you perform maintenance tasks like the automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of licenses, change of license’s IP addresses, give you list license information, and much more.


  • App development support. Your app development doesn’t have to stop there either. If you, want you can also work directly with a committed team of cPanel Developers to extend the cPanel and WHM functionality of your app.


Many apps are developed, but given the lucrative market expect the competition to be fierce. Not all apps are bound to succeed. Give your app the best chance of getting exposure and earning money out there and integrate it with cPanel and WHM.