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6/24/2014 – Dedicated Server Clearance

Posted by Jamison on 24 06 2014.

Affordable prices are the primary considerations in obtaining hosting services. Individuals who wish to use dedicated servers, however, put the idea on hold because of their expensive prices. Seeing the monthly price rates is enough to trigger thoughts on impracticality because they don’t need such expensive services.


Those who find the importance of expansion through their servers also search for the cheapest options available to save money. Fortunately, they find budget-friendly dedicated servers through clearance servers.


What are clearance servers?


Clearance server is another term that refers to cheap dedicated servers. Just as regular retail stores have clearance sales, some dedicated hosting companies have price drops on their plans. This allows clients to take advantage of high quality dedicated servers at budget-friendly rates.


Due to their price, these dedicated servers are highly recommended for others who are just starting to expand their businesses. Initial stages of expansion make entrepreneurs think about their finances. They don’t only change their host services, but also other business essentials that add up to their expenses. Saving money on dedicated server is beneficial for entrepreneurs financially.


Features and server essentials


Most people think that these clearance servers have low quality features considering their rates. The truth is proper research and it’s possible to obtain top caliber server essentials at a price. These servers may run on dual-core or quad-core processors and multiple gigabytes of memory. Seeing these features alone can make clients confident about the service.


New technology integration


In addition to high-end essentials, these cheaper servers are also ready to use and compatible with the latest technology used in the industry. A dedicated server company can offer Linux or Windows operated servers full with other functionality entrepreneurs want to invest on. They support cloud hosting and storage, which is a revolutionary and highly scalable solution for online entrepreneurs today. Once set up, server providers can get the package working for clients.


Customer and technical support


Common impression about these cheaper servers is the lack of technical and customer support. Clients need to reach these professionals from time to time due to some issues and the absence of a professional for assistance can be a problem. Despite the slashed off price, service providers offering this hosting ensures clients will get their needed support from their in-house tech specialists.


Price and additional fees


Plan rates vary among companies as well as additional fees. Some plans may be offered at full price or all-inclusive prices. This means clients simply need to pay for the plan and they will be ready in no time. Other companies may have cheaper base plan rates, but may charge additional fees like setup fees. Clients are advised to check these rates and compare first before settling for a company.


Overall, server clearance is like a sales promo for companies. Keep in mind that these prices may change in time, but companies may consider clients signing up for the service currently by keeping the rates. They also commit to top quality services by ensuring every essential and basic dedicated server demands are met.