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6/23/2014 – What Virtualization Can for Your Dedicated Server

Posted by Jamison on 23 06 2014.

Dedicated servers are the highest hosting solutions any entrepreneur can get. Having this service is the ultimate sign of business expansion with its features and essential resources. But aside from its performance, clients still have other options to improve its operations like virtualization.


What is virtualization?


Virtualization is the process of setting up virtual machines in a server. Shared hosting providers usually offer virtualization for clients obtaining their plans. Virtualization can speed up their shared server’s performance by allocating resources specifically for the server.


Considering a dedicated server’s resources, many people ask whether it is still beneficial for them to get virtualization for their plans. The truth is virtualization still has numerous benefits even for this feature-rich hosting service like the following:


Improve IT resources


It’s true that dedicated servers have all the vital resources that boost their performance, making them worth investing for growing companies. However, more people using the dedicated server will mean more individuals using the resources and may result to sluggish system in the process. Having virtual machines means resources will be allocated to evenly specific storage, which will show noticeable performance in the entire server. Every resource will be maximized and continue flawless operations at all times.


Setting up a client’s virtual machine


Some dedicated server clients extend hosting services to their own customers, which means a virtual server is one of the services they may offer. Clients offering virtualization services allow clients to offer this hosting service without problems on their end. The dedicated server provider will work on the virtualization process and save time in the process.


Isolate virtual machine for the public


Some dedicated server users want to share files for the public or their subscribers. Setting their own virtual machine for the public will protect the other parts of the server from unauthorized access. Furthermore, multiple traffic accessing the server can cause instability. Offering a dedicated virtual machine for the public will maximize the server’s performance in terms of traffic handling.


Self-managed or managed services


Service providers offering virtualization can take the pain of setting up and managing virtual machines for clients. This service can be a part of the managed dedicated hosting services. For more technical individuals, they can manage setting up and managing virtual servers on their own. They can work according to clients’ preference on this service.


Complete, round the clock support


Creating virtual machines allow users to take advantage of their service providers’ 24/7 customer support. A technical support expert will be available to answer questions or solve technical issues.


Different virtualization options and configurations


Clients can choose virtualization procedures on a single server or multiple servers. This means that clients have the control in managing their virtual machines. Other configurations can also be chosen among the options and fit clients’ budget in obtaining this feature.


Overall, virtualization is a great investment for companies looking for scalable features on their dedicated servers. This will maximize your dedicated server’s performance, especially if you want a part of it accessible for the public. Ask your dedicated server provider for this service and see how it will work for your business.