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6/22/2015 – Mobile-Friendliness: A Key SEO Component

Posted by Jamison on 22 06 2015.

Many big and highly trusted names in the Internet world have given their recommendations for this year. Premium SEO hosting service provider ASEOHosting said that website owners should already begin making their websites mobile-friendly if they do not want to see a considerable decrease in their search traffic and SEO ranking. Google has also warned site owners about the consequences of not implementing mobile-friendliness this year.


What the numbers mean


mobile-site-iconIn the second half of last year, reports show that the number of US mobile web users was significantly greater than those who accessed the World Wide Web using their desktop computers and laptops. Many of today’s consumers expect that, with the surge in smartphone and other mobile device technologies, web sites should already be accommodating their preferred devices.


Additionally, all the major search engines, Google included, now get a higher number of users performing searches using their mobile devices as opposed to those who use personal computers and laptops. This means that it will not be long till search engines will use mobile-friendliness as a key factor in determining ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Like what ASEOHosting warns, website owners who do not have mobile-friendly sites will take a dramatic hit on their search traffic and SEO rankings.


Google’s warning


Just very recently, possibly as a mean to inform website owners of the gravity of the situation (of not being mobile-friendly), Google has sent an email to thousands and thousands of website owners. The email contained a breakdown of why the websites are performing poorly in terms of mobile experiences.


The email also contained a warning that the pages detailed will not be considered by Google Search as mobile-friendly. If website owners do not do anything about them, they will receive appropriate rankings, which only means that they will be displayed at the bottom part of the SERPs.


The aspects of a mobile-friendly website


There are several components that make a particular website mobile-friendly. For those who are unsure as to what being mobile-friendly site means, Google says that there are certain qualities it should be able to meet, with many of them not being possessed by websites only designed for PC or laptop viewing. These include the following:


  • Does not make use of Flash and other software uncommon in mobile devices.
  • Has readable text content without the need for zooming in.
  • Automatically resizes web content depending on the user’s mobile device screen size.
  • Have links strategically placed to ensure that the right one is tapped.


All of these qualities make a website mobile-friendly, according to the tech giant. For website owners who have an issue with one or more of these components, it only means that their websites still need work in order for it to be completely mobile-friendly. Actions to be taken to resolve these issues will depend on how serious they are, but it is likely that the need for switching to a responsive web design is already in order. The creation of a separate mobile-friendly website may also be considered by website owners.