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6/19/2014 – Customizing Your Dedicated Server

Posted by Jamison on 19 06 2014.

Dedicated servers rise above shared hosting services with the number of features that can be added to the service. Knowing that the dedicated server is solely used by a client or company means customization the plan is going to exceed expectations.


Adding IP addresses


Customization includes adding IP addresses. Regular hosting services may only support a single IP address or multiple addresses depending on the plan. Dedicated servers can also handle several IPs based on what the company offers. Some may offer up to 10 IP addresses while others support more. All you need to do is to choose the number of IP addresses you want to get upon signing up for a plan or as an upgrade while being in a contract.


Why add multiple IP addresses?


One IP address will suffice for email campaigns and other server needs. However, some individuals decide more and their reason has been a common question among individuals planning to sign up for a dedicated server.


Adding IP addresses is common for individuals setting up email campaigns. Using a single IP address is enough to deliver all the messages to the assigned recipients. However, there are times when messages are delayed due to the number of individuals who should receive it. Hence, companies sending out emails on specific timeframes may find this as a disadvantage. Using multiple IP addresses will be beneficial for these customers.


Employing more IP addresses will enhance email delivery time. This means emails will be delivered on time and reach out to leads through mail faster, which will increase lead-to-customer conversion rates.


Is adding multiple IP addresses necessary?


Multiple IPs are highly recommended for sending emails with strict time schedules. Anyone who doesn’t have such requirement can settle with a single or two IPs. Obtaining additional IPs mean additional expenses and may be impractical for many individuals.


Additional IPs prices


Getting more than one IP address will cost additional money for the server plan customer. The price may vary depending on the dedicated server provider although they come in recurring prices in general. Price range may start at $1.5 for one address up to $15 for 10. Consider your options while shopping as companies’ prices are different.


How to add IP addresses?


If email campaigns are part of the reasons why you’re getting a dedicated server, you can add more IPs the moment you signed up for a plan. You can choose it on the add-on options together with other server plan essentials that you might need. In case you notice the need later, you can add the IP addresses and they will be added to your bill together with the prorated charges if applicable. Similarly in checking the price, be sure to know the process of adding IP addresses as specified on your service provider’s website.


Buying more IP addresses is an investment for some entrepreneurs. Assess your needs and the type of email campaigns you’re planning to set up before ordering more IPs. Sign up for more if needed and save money on this dedicated server add-on.